fredag den 16. april 2021

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Hver dag klokken 12 kommer der et A-Z indlæg. Temaet er ekkoer, de løse ender, halve projekter, nye begyndelser, gyldne løfter og lokkende udsigter. Men jeg ville ikke være Uglemor, hvis ikke der sneg sig nye projekter og ideer ind i denne omgang A-Z også.
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Every day at noon a new A-Z post goes live. The theme is Echoes, finishing touches, half done projects and endings. But I would not be MotherOwl if these posts would not contain more than a fair share of new beginnings and plans.

N for Nødder  =  Nuts

Jeg har fortalt om vores valnøddetræer, om at tørre valnødder og om at farve med valnøddeskaller. Men jeg har vist aldrig fortalt om at spise valnødderne.

-- 🌰 --
I have told about our walnut trees, about dyeing with walnut husks, and the drying of walnuts. I think I never got to tell about the actual eating.

Denne her kurv står fremme i Uglebo, og i dag har jeg fyldt de absolut sidste nødder i kurven.

This basket is standing on a table in the Owlery. And today I filled it up with the very last nuts.

Den spæde start -- The beginning

En moden valnød  --  A ripe walnut

Perfekt tørrede valnødder  --  Perfect nuts fresh from the dehydrator

Uldgarn, farvet med valnøddeskaller  -- Wool dyed with walnut husks.

4 kommentarer:

  1. Growing up the father of a family friend purchased a small walnut farm. I had never realised (foolish me) that walnuts are yet another thing which tastes sooooo much better fresh from the farm...

  2. I never tried a fresh walnut. Maybe if I did, I would've liked them better.

  3. We do like walnuts. At Christmas, we can buy them in the shells.

  4. As EC says they are so much better fresh, it's almost a differnt nut. And if you peel off that outer layer, that's yellow in the fresh nut and later turns brow as the nuts dry they're even better.