mandag den 27. juni 2022

Poetry Monday :: The Birthday Song

Because it's Poetry Monday today,  Diane - who has taken over the hosting of  this challenge - and Mimi of Messymimi's Meanderings - who supplies us with many of the topics - are also writing wonderful, funny, thought-provoking, ingenious and honestly well written verse. Go and read them!
  Karen of Baking in a Tornado has joined us in this crazy pursuit, and promises us at least a poem a month!
  SpikesBestMate often publishes a nice verse in the comments.
  Jenny at Procrastinating Donkey who has been a faithful participant, is slowly returning to blogging after her husband's passing from this world. Let's continue to send warm thoughts, good energy, and lots of prayers her way, now her mum needs a serious prayer too. But still we dare hope that she will join Poetry Monday again.

Todays topic is The Happy Birthday Song. Apart from a Danish birthday sone,  we also sing this one for birthdays in Denmark, and we sing it in English. We learn it in school, and we sing these two birthday songs for everybody, children and grown-ups alike - and even the queen - on their birthday.

But today is not my birthday, nor is it the birthday of anyone I know. Ergo most of us are probably celebrating our unbirthdays today.
All I can do today is a Haiku:

Happy Birthady song
Is for that one, special day
Today - Unbirthday song.

 - - - - -

Next Mondays topic is a two-in-one: Independence Day (US) or Sidewalk egg-frying day.

Spam - Spam - Spam

There's lots of comments on my blog still marked as spam.At least one comment a day, but often as many as three. But I do not get any spam-comments, or hardly ever. This is to say that you, all of you, regularly end up marked as spam.

I do my best to set all comments free as fast as possible, but with time differences and life happening, some comments are bound to stay in limbo for hours!

I can only promise to do my best and hope that Blogger will soon get wiser!

søndag den 26. juni 2022

Quiet Sunday after a Busy Week - Sunday Selections

I was at a meeting, leaving home in cloudy weather clearing up. When I left the train with my bike, the clouds opened, and after some preliminary errands, a dripping MotherOwl arrived half an hour later at the meeting.
We met in a church, no not in it, but where you gather for activities not masses and such.
I found an icon of my favourite saint.

Marsupilami had his last exams after High school ... He did well!

Pirate ended  his 10th school year and is after the holidays going to visit the same High school Marsupilami just left.

The Writer was at a meeting in Copenhagen. He was brought home by BigSis who helped us celebrate in the evening. We celebrated Midsummer. The Writer once again held the speech.

Then we sent off the witch to Brocken; an old tradition symbolising the victory of good and light over evil.

Marsupilami had his graduation ceremony.

And then they celebrated ...

We baked a cake, went shopping and then went to Copenhagen where mass was celebrated for the last time before the summer holiday in out Parish church.
    Our priest is from Vietnam, and he has friends with a restaurant, so we celebrated, talked and ate Vietnamese food amid great joy. Marsupilami had yet another party in the evening and did not join us.
  I forgot to take any photos, but waiting for the train on our way home I photographed the survivor tree at the station in the evening sun.

In between has been all the everyday work and busy-ness the chicken choose this week to have fleas and had to be treated! - then more meetings, visits to PE, Chiropractor, Optometrist - everything is well with the Writer's eyes after cataract surgery - Yay!

Today we slept in, The writer rode his bike to a nearby town for cakes, then we had cakes and coffee in the shade in the Owlery. We took it easy, either savouring the wonderful summer weather, or moaning over the heat after each inhabitants' disposition.

torsdag den 23. juni 2022

Gode, dårlige nyheder -- Good, Bad News

     This is my last photo from the OwlTV livestream. Yesterday evening the owlets fought over a root, trying to eat it and the biggest of them took a tumble down the slope. Klaus went there today with the double purpose of picking it up and checking the owlets' health.
    They were dehydrated and starving and were put in crates and carted off to somewhere, where nice people will feed and care for them. When they are able to find their own food, they'll be transported back again.
     Thus ends this year's dramatic live Owlstream with a happy, unhappy ending. 

-- 🦉 -- 🦉 -- 🦉 --

UgleKlaus skriver:
Ugleungerne i UgleTV får ikke føde og væske nok efter uglemorens død. På den baggrund har DOF valgt at bringe ungerne til en vildtplejestation og slukker derfor for UgleTV.
     Læs mere om hjælpen til ungerne og afslutningen på årets UgleTV her.
     Miljøstyrelsen har torsdag formiddag godkendt, at DOF BirdLife kan ”transportere de 3 nødstedte unger til nærmeste vildtplejestation, der kan håndtere ugler”.
     Nu får alle tre unger professionel hjælp og vil blive sat tilbage i redeområdet i grusgraven, når de er udvokset om cirka fire uger og kan klare sig selv, siger Klaus Dichmann, ugleekspert og hovedmand bag UgleTV.
     Dermed er denne dramatiske sæson af UgleTV nu slut for i år. Mange tak, fordi I kiggede med.

onsdag den 22. juni 2022

Words for Wednesday -- The Words -- June 22

This meme was started by Delores a long time ago.  Troubles led her to bow out, but the meme was too much fun to let go, and now Words for Wednesday is provided by a number of people and has become a movable feast. With Elephant's Child as our coordinator.

  Essentially the aim of this meme is to encourage us to write.  Each week we are given some prompts. These prompts can be words, phrases, music or images.
  What we do with those prompts is up to us:  a short story, prose, a song, a poem, or treating them with ignore...
  We can use some or all of the prompts, and mixing and matching is encouraged.

  Some of us put our creation in comments on the post, and others post on their own blog. This fun meme includes cheering on the other participants.
  And the more the merrier goes here as well, so if you are posting on your own blog then please tell us in the comments, so that all other participants, can come along and applaud.