torsdag den 13. august 2020

Springvandet igen ⛲ Fountain again

Uglemor var til første gang fysioterapi efter sommerferien. Der var sket en hel del med springvandet. Nu ser det sådan her ud:

 -- ⛲ --

When I once again was at PE the stones were put in place.
 Now it looks like this:

 På en Helsinge-facebookgruppe er der nogen, der har delt billeder fra før i tiden. Jeg ved ikke, om det virker. Ellers må jeg lægge et eller to op her. 
 In a Facebook group somebody shared photos of the old fountain in Helsinge. Don't know if this works.If not, I've got to put them here.

onsdag den 12. august 2020

Words for Wednesday 12 august 2020

Lissa has given us two photos as prompts. Photolink
Here's a short story. And the two photos of course.

  Susan sat with Grandma's old photo-album in her lap. "I did not know you had been to England, Grandma."
  "Well I have ... those photos ... I had almost forgotten them. It is so long ago. I was sent to England to think over whether I really wanted to marry  your Granddad. It was a terrible trip. It was raining all the time, and the hotel was situated on the edge of the poor quarter." Grandma sighed. 
 "It is me under that umbrella. We had been shopping gifts for those at home. I was wet, cold and terrified. It was such a big city, the types hanging out around the hotel were big, tough and unfriendly. My parents' friends, who had promised to take care of me, left me mainly to their daughter. She just showed me around the town, and took those two photos."
  "Is that you in the background of the lower photo as well?" Susan asked.
  "Yes," Grandma answered. "This was the only  sunny day, as I remember. The hotel is in the small alley where I'm heading. I was afraid of those children. They were so poor. I felt as a millionaire in comparison. Which I most cerainly was not, though I had more money then than I do now."
  "And what happened?" Susan asked.
  "I hurried home, when my 'holiday' ended, and of course I married granddad next year."

torsdag den 6. august 2020

Words for Wednesday 5 August - No Words

  In August Lissa is providing the prompts. They are over at her blog: Memory of Rain
  This week's prompt is:   

1. 'If you feel like screaming, be my guest'
2. 'There is something different about you'

Just because my writing mojo has up and left me, I'll still publish the prompts. If I write something this post will be updated.

tirsdag den 4. august 2020

New Blogger - Again

Today, as I opened Blogger, New Blogger was pre-chosen for me. I decided to give it a try :) I'm happy to rapport that the labelling system now works, and that 'New Post' is no longer a floating orange blob.

It seems like it could actually work now.
Now it's only a bit - a big bit admittedly - slower than Legacy Blogger because of being less compact and requiring more clicks and more scrolling.
Anyhow, I am going to keep on using Legacy Blogger until it is discontinued on August 24th.

I did not experience problems adding photos, partly because they still have the old system as partial overlay.

Orange circles:
- The label system functioning! I deleted Gr, and the check mark is still there!
- New post in its logical place - and with words!
- 24. august - last day for Legacy Blogger
     We can still hope for more improvements before then.

You also still have to change to HTML to write below a photo. I can live with that.

mandag den 3. august 2020

Poetry Monday :: Masks

  Masks - the theme for this Poetry Monday comes from Jenny of Procrastinating Donkey. She and  Diane of On the Border are taking turns supplying us with a theme and crafty poems.
  Mimi of Messymimi's Meanderings also writes a poem for us to enjoy. 

  This Monday's word, masks, was not very inspiring, as I did not want to think of Corona and epidemics and such. But then I remembered a children's song in Danish. 
  In times of old a.k.a. my childhood it was often sung when we ran trick or treating the Monday before Lent - that's what we did then. Now children do it the American way - trick or treating for Halloween, and Monday before Lent is not free from school any more, just a plain ordinary school day. 

Now you can't guess who I am.
No, you can't guess who I am.
Cause I'm wearing a maks
Misk-mosk-mask I wear.
Now you can't guess who I am.

Now you can't guess who I am.
No, you can't guess who I am
Cause I'm wearing a nose
Nis-nas- nose I wear.
Now you can't guess who I am.

Now you can't guess who I am.
No, you can't guess who I am
Cause I'm wearing a frock
Frick-frack-frock I wear.
Now you can't guess who I am.

Next Mondays word is: Dreams