mandag den 30. november 2020

Jessetræet - 1. uge i advent

Faktisk er jeg lidt sent på den. 1. uge i advent startede i går. Men bedre sent end aldrig.

More about the Jesse tree. For English speakers I recommend looking at Shower of Roses for a fine explanation.

Dette er også et jessetræ
1. uge    
Søndag 29. november - Læsning nr. 1 Jesse rod
      Es 11,1
Mandag 30.  - Læsning nr. 2 Skabelsen
      1 Mos 1,1-2,4
Tirsdag 1. december - Læsning nr. 3 Syndefaldet
      1 Mos 2 og 3
Onsdag 2.  - Læsning nr. 4 Noahs ark
      1 Mos 6-9
Torsdag 3.  - Læsning nr. 5 Abrahams forjættelser
      1 Mos 12-18 & 21,1-7
Fredag 4.  - Læsning nr. 6 Melchisedek
      Hebr 6,9-7,28
Lørdag 5.  - Læsning nr. 7 Isaks offer
      1 Mos 22,1-19

Billedet af et jessetræ øverst i højre sidebar fører til dagens tekst med en kort indledning og måske en idé til noget, man kan lave.

Godt nytår og velsignet første uge i advent

Poetry Monday :: Festive Card

  I suddenly saw festive cards for my inner eye. Dressed up in tuxedoes, bow ties and top hats, and the lady cards in wonderful dresses with layers of ruffles, diamonds, bright colours and so on.

A Festive Card:
A festive card dressed up
In bow tie and a tux
felt very lonely.
In a row he had his ducks
And he felt festive, yup!

He looked around with glee
At cards of red and gold.
But nowhere saw he
As he was surely told
The lady card - the She!

He saw a lot of santas
And ten elf in a row
Amazing creatures.
He saw winter wreaths and snow
Even a praying mantis.

He gave a mighty sigh
And went home oh so sad
Felt very lonely.
But now I have to add.
The lady was nearby.

For in a drawer tight
A deck of cards was sat
Almost forgotten.
And there he tipped his hat at
The queen of Hearts. Goodnight

Next Monday: Festive Traditions

søndag den 29. november 2020

Exonerating Guard Parker

 Apologizing is the new black. MotherOwl also wants to apologize. For many years she has killed, abased, slandered and in every way possible besmirched poor Guard Parker.

Here you see him:

And here my most recent incarnation dressed in his Sunday best, offering him my sincerest apologies:
You can read the whole story on my World of Warcraft blog HERE.

fredag den 27. november 2020

Mere cirkelstrik -- More Circular Knitting

Gæt en  frugt!
Den er strikket. Det er en frugt. Den er ikke færdig endnu.
Færdigt billede og løsning følger i morgen, når lyset igen er til billeder. 

 Guess a Fruit
It is knit. It's a fruit. It's not finished yet.
A picture of the finished fruit and the solution will follow; tomorrow when daylight allows photographing again.

Det er stadig Statistrikk der er inspirationen. Jeg sad i toget og strikkede på en citron, mens jeg tænkte over, hvilke frugter, man ellers kunne skære over for at få sjove cirkler. Jeg har flere ideer. Lad os nu se.

I still get my inspiration from Statistrikk.  I wanted to see if other fruits than citruses would give fun circles. I have more ideas, so more circles are bound to follow.

-- 🍋🍎🍏 --

Og hvis du nu sidder og undrer dig over at mine cirkler ikke er færdige, cirkelformede,  ... Så er løsningen tofold.
1. Jeg gider ikke bruge krudt og garn på at strikke en hel cirkel, jeg ikke kan bruge, når jeg er færdig med ideen.
2. Jeg kan faktisk bruge de her 6/8 cirkler til noget.

If you sit and think: "But MotherOwl this is not a circle .. you're not done" you're right. The solution is a two-for-one.
1. I'm not in the mood to use time and yarn to knit my test-circles all the way. When I find out how, I stop.
2. I can actually use these 6/8ths of a circle.

-- 🍋🍎🍏 --

     Det første, jeg strikkede, var en lille, kulørt citrus-lignende sag. Den anden var en blå-appelsin 6/8 færdig.
     Vores køkkenvask er fejlkonstrueret, så al vand, der bliver spildt på bordet, løber hen og lægger sig bag vandhanen. Og det er adskilligt lettere at placere en karklud (allerhelst en halv karklud) der, end at forsøge at opdrage 6 ugleunger til at tørre bordet grundigt ... hver gang ... eller hvad det faktisk endte med. Uglemor tørrer bordet af 117 gange om dage.
     Blåappelsinen var en smuk løsning på dette problem.

  The first thing I knit was a small circular many-coloured citrussy thing. The second was a blue orange. 6/8 done.
  Our sink in the kitchen has an inbuilt peculiarity, letting all the water spilled gather around the tap.  And it's way easier to place a dishcloth - or even better half a dishcloth - there than try to teach six Owlets to dry the table after every single use ... or what it turned into ... MotherOwl wiping off the table eleventysomething times a day.
  The blue orange was an elegant solution to this.

tirsdag den 24. november 2020

WfW - 25-11 - A Poem will be written - Updated!


  Now I have knitted some blue oranges (more on those later), found a lot of ancestors (mostly small farmers / working men), and cleaned the chicken coop, and ... In short. There's no excuse for me not to sit myself down and write a chapter or two with this Wednesday's Words.
  The words are provided by Margaret Adamson, and her friend Sue Fulcher. and posted at Elephant's Child's blog. Today we were given:


And /or

  Next Poetry Mondays theme is Festive Card. And that alone makes me grumpy. Either it's a Christmas cards or it's not festive! No season's greetings here in the Owlery. And that's part of the problem.  
  I consequently wrote two poems for next Monday. One grumpy one and one funny. The grumpy one suited my mood and some of the words today. Ergo, here we go:

I go out shopping Christmas Cards,
But they don't want to play their part.
Cause Santa's elfs and winterscapes
Have taken up the centre place.

I hunt for mangers, wise old kings
Or angels singing in the skies
But find a slew of gifts and things,
No newborn King, to my surprise.

Birds in a frame, a brand of green,
More golden letters to be seen
Of season's greeting, holidays
Oh bother, I just turn away.

I take a pill, my nerves to still
A tablet, but my anger swill
And icicles and flakes of snow?
Nope: global warming, warm winds blow.

In days of old we bought our cards
In Italy while travelling 'round.
Where Christmas scenes are works of art
And always to be found.

Epilogue: I do not celebrate Winter, I endure it.
  And as for Happy Holidays, these 14 days would be better, happier and more appropriate if added half to our autumnal (October) and half to our spring holidays (late February) so that both of these could be two weeks instead of one. Then you had time for de-schooling to happen and still almost a week left to enjoy the nature and family on a time when both are enjoyable.
  January 1st would suffice for people suffering from Veisalgia to get well again

And during the writing of this post I inadvertently pressed enter (NOT Shift + Enter) several times. Making me end up with having used more times removing these stupid small code-thingies <p> than on composing my grumpy poem; and making me even grumpier in the process!

mandag den 23. november 2020

Poetry Monday :: Showtime

Showtime. There's not much showtime over our lives right now, unless you count the antics of the governments, medias and so on.
Once again a pessimistic non-rhyme from an old, grumpy MotherOwl

When I turn on the radio - it's showtime
Juggling economics against our health.
Lifting our service against their wealth.
And as usual we lose out every time.

When I open the paper - losers crying
At baking competitions, Sports stars hurt,
New make up - see my shirt.
while the world is burning or dying.

When I watch the news - People protesting
Don't kill our mink, we pay our tax
Don't wear those masks, go anti-vax
While people stand in lines for the testing.

So it's showtime once again
Politicians in the ring
There's a queue at the sink.
Money always talk loudest, I think.

Urgh, that turned out bitter indeed.
I hope next week will be better, the theme next Monday will be: Festive Cards.

søndag den 22. november 2020

Statistrikks citrusser

      Uglemor ville ikke være Uglemor hvis hun ikke skulle lege lidt mere med Statistrikks cirkelstrik. Det var citrusfrugterne, der fascinerede. Men hvidt garn er en mangelvare i Uglebo - en bivirkning ved også at kunne lide plantefarvning.
     Det hvide bundt, jeg brugte til vanterne, er undtagelsen, der bekræfter reglen. Så jeg måtte på jagt i kasser og poser før jeg fandt et bittelille bundt hvidt uldgarn, der lagt tredobbelt kunne bruges til at hækle kanten rundt på den spraglede "citrus"frugt.

  MotherOwl would not be MotherOwl if she did not have to try Statistrikk's Citrus fruit knitting. There's just one tiny problem. White wool. MotherOwl is always on the look out for white wool for the dye pot. And this means that white wool in the Owlery does not stay white, it gets dyed! The slightly used hank from the mittens was the exception. I had to hunt through several crates and bags to find a small hank of white, just enough to crochet around this many coloured fruit.

     Nu skal den en tur i vaskemaskinen og filte. Det bliver spændende - mit uld plejer kun at filte i vaskemaskinen, når jeg ikke vil have det.

  Now it's going into the washing machine for felting. I look forward to this, as wool normally only felt, when I do not want it to, not when I want to.

fredag den 20. november 2020

En uges madudfordring

Advarsel! Meget langt og billedrigt indlæg.

Warning! Long, ranting and picture heavy post. 

And sorry, Danish only. You might try my newfangled Google Translate device in the top of the right sidebar.
It's about food preferences, about hospitals and so on only catering for religious and ideologically based food preferences, while allergies are mostly neglected.
  And about the vegan ideology sweeping through the media. You can't open a paper or go shopping without seeing vegan this and vegan that touted as world-saving devices. FODMAP-intolerances and allergies make it impossible for me to eat vegan without ending up being either ill or severely malnutritioned. I take up the challenge to show the world ... or at least you ...  what I eat during a week with comments and explanations.

Et af de store samtaleemner i lille Danmark for et par uger siden var et forslag om at servere kun vegetarretter to dage om ugen i offentlige kantiner. Det endte heldigvis også med ikke at blive vedtaget.
    Rent bortset fra at jeg har meget imod når nogen vil bestemme over andre ud fra deres egne ideologiske principper - hvad med at sætte prisen ned på de kødløse alternativer i stedet - så er kødløse dage da ikke noget nyt. Men ærligt talt. Skal der så mon også indføres en tvungen kød-dag? Eller hvad med fiske-fredage?
     En anden ting, jeg faktisk er temmelig knotten over er, at der på hospitaler og lignende steder bliver taget hensyn til religiøse og ideologiske spiseregler, men ikke til allergier og intolerancer. Det er da temmelig sært især på et sygehus, hvor folk ikke lige kan gå ud og spise, hvis de ikke kan tåle maden. Jeg har flere gange måttet gå sulten hjem efter heldagsundersøgelser, og sat adskillige søde sygeplejersker grå hår i hovedet.
     Og så kom vi til endnu en grund til min modstand mod kødløse dage ... nej ikke kødløse, for det ville vel sige, at man kunne få fisk, havregrød eller lignende, men netop vegetariske dage.
     En sådan ordning ville nemlig betyde, at jeg og mine med-FODMAP-udfordrede ikke ville kunne spise i kantinerne mindst to gange om ugen. Fortalerne siger så at jeg bare kunne tage madpakke med. Kunne de ikke selv medbringe vegetar-madpakker, hvis det betyder så meget for dem?
     I forvejen er det en udfordring at spise ude, når man følger FODMAP-diæten, som stadig er min redningsplanke. I vegetar-udgaven bliver det altså mega-svært.

Se her:
- ingen løg. Heller ikke porrer, rødløg, hvidløg eller nogen andre løg.
- ingen svampe.
- ingen ærter, bønner eller andre bælgfrugter. Kikærter, sojabønner og linser også hører til her.
- ingen nødder eller mandler.
- ingen æbler, pærer eller andre i den familie.
- ingen blommer, kirsebær og så videre.
- ingen vandmeloner.
- ingen beder, hverken rød-, sølv- eller bladbeder.
- ingen gulerødder (ikke FODMAP, men birkepollenallergi).
- ingen rug eller hvede.
- ingen rucola og spinatblade.
- ingen kunstige sødestoffer af sukkeralkohol-familien ( Sorbitol, mannitol, xylitol, maltitol og Isomalt).
- ingen flydende honning.
- ingen mælk - laktose er den skyldige her, og det findes i mange færdigretter også så overraskende steder som sodavandsis og kransekager.

     Det er svært, for ikke at sige umuligt, at finde vegetarretter, der ikke indeholder mindst en af de ovennævnte ting.
     Og jeg har da også flere gange været til diverse arrangementer, hvor jeg ikke har kunnet spise en bid af maden. Ofte er kød og kartofler og salaten - uden dressing, og hvor jeg piller fetaost, pistacienødder, croutoner og andre fancy ting fra, det eneste, jeg har at spise.

Hvad kan man så spise:
- alt rent kød, også fisk, skaldyr, æg og fjerkræ.
- alle olier og fedtstoffer.
- bananer, citrusfrugter, vindruer, ananas, jordbær,
- Pastinakker og persillerødder i mindre mængder.
- spelt og havre
- En lille smule af den grønne del af forårsløg.
- kål i meget små mængder Broccoli og blomkål kun hoveder og broccolini kun stilke.
- Røde peberfrugter, agurk, tomat (få), salat, squash, auberginer, ingefær.
- Laktosefri mælkeprodukter, lagret ost og snør.
- sukker, salt, krydderurter, rapshonning,

     Heldigvis får jeg "kun" ondt i maven af hvede, så i nødstilfælde står den på brød og smør.
    Men måske burde svaret ikke være så sort-hvidt: Vegetarisk (eller allerhelst vegansk) kontra kød. Måske er svaret mindre kød. Bedre kød. Økologisk kød. Kød avlet i nærområdet, slagtet i nærheden, skudt i naturen og lignende. Ja, vel er det dyrere, men så kunne man jo spise mindre - og var det ikke det, der var meningen?

     Jeg har derfor taget det som en udfordring. Hver dag i en uge har jeg taget et billede af min aftensmad og givet en kort forklaring og indholdsdeklaration.

-- 🍲  Dag 1 --

Dag 1 er et japansk-inspireret måltid.  Pastinakker og figner i appelsinsaft er noget, vi engang fik serveret på et museum. Det er en lidt sær blanding, men smager forbløffende godt.
     Jeg tog ingen champignoner. Alt er økologisk, bortset fra radiserne - det findes ikke, og jeg spørger efter det med jævne mellemrum. De syltede tomater er fra egen have.

     Og efter at have taget, ser det sådan ud. Det var tilfældigvis mortensaften, men anden skulle lige have lidt til.

--  Dag 2 🥘 --

     Dag 2 var nok engang med japansk inspiration. Okonomiyaki betyder noget i stil med stegt hvad man kan lide. Min udgave er temmelig meget "i stedet for", fordi der er masser af japanske ingredienser, jeg ikke lige har i huset. Det har jeg skrevet om før HER.
Salaten var denne gang med tomater fra egen have. Igen er alt økologisk undtagen radisen.

-- 🥘   Dag 3 --

Dag 3 bød på dansk med et twist. Meget af det grønne er gengangere ... når man åbner et glas med hjemmesyltede tomater, skal de spises inden de mugner. Når man køber radiser, avocado, blomkål osv. skal det også spises inden det bliver kedeligt. 
     Alle æggene og alle krydderurterne kommer fra egen have.
     Og igen er alle ingredienser økologiske - undtagen dem fra egen have, de er dyrket efter økologiske principper, gift- og sprøjtemiddelri, fodret med øko-foder osv. ... andet må man nemlig ikke sige uden at være kontrolleret, og det er jeg ikke. 
NB. Jeg spiste ikke al blomkålen, der var for meget til at det var FODMAP-venligt. 

--  Dag 4 🍲 --

     Dag 4 er meget dansk ... fiskefrikadeller.
     De er lavet efter en ny opskrift, hvor de indeholder æg. Det syntes jeg var synd, da æggesmagen overdøvede fiskens fine egensmag. Dild var derimod en god tilføjelse. De er rørt med finthakket torsk (købt hakket - vild luksus), laktosefri fløde, salt, syvpeber, æg, speltmel og dild. 
     Nogle af Ugleungerne spiser ikke så gerne fisk, så de fik majstortillas. Jeg snuppede lidt ananas og majs fra dem, og kartoflerne fik en smørklat inden de blev spist.

-- 🍲  Dag 5 --
     Så bliver det visk ikke meget mere dansk. Uha, jeg har ikke brudt mig om flæskesteg siden jeg var lille, og fik den der klamme med masser af fedt, man IKKE måtte skære fra. Denne her kunne spises, men det eneste formildende var de meget lækre, sprøde svær. Det behøver vi altså ikke at prøve igen.
     Ovnbagte rodfrugter står på menuen med jævne mellemrum. De bliver vendt i olivenolie og drysset med krydderurter - masser af timian! - og salt og syvpeber. Så helt 100% dansk blev det heller ikke.
     Igen er det økologiske varer eller fra egen have hele vejen rundt. Der var også Tacos og pasta, som jeg ikke kunne spise.

     Noter om flæskesteg: Det er en vare med et stort spild. Vi købte en stor én på 1.918 g. Jeg ville have sagt, at der i hvert fald var til to dage i sådan én, men deraf stegte vi fedt af i ovnen og skar fedt fra ved bordet, det var i hvert fald 393 gram (som blev givet til hønsene, rørt op i korn, så det gik ikke til spilde). Fordampningen har jeg ikke regnet ud, for så skulle jeg jo have vejet stegen inden vi begyndte at spise. Det vil sige, at der var ca. 1.525 gram til at spise. Vi spiste ikke op, der er 168 gram til rest til dag 6, så vi spiste højst 1.357 g. De lyder voldsomt, men husk, det skal deles på 6 mennesker, deraf tre sultne Ugleunger (teenageeedrenge).  Det giver 226 g. pr. næse.
     En mand spiser i gennemsnit 60 kg, og en kvinde 38 kg kød om året ifølge DTU, så vi burde sætte 957 g kød til livs om dagen i vores familie. Ja vel egentlig mere, for hvis det er et gennemsnit, er de der slet ikke spiser kød regnet med, og vi 'forventes' at indtage deres portion. Så meget kød spiser vi normalt ikke, dag 5 var meget atypisk.

-- Dag 6 🥘 --

     I dag fik vi pizza og mere. Der bliver meget ofte lavet to retter, eller rester og en anden ret. Dels er der jo mine intolerancer og allergier, dels er vi 6 personer med forskellige præferencer og livretter.
     En bageplade med pizza rækker ikke til seks personer, så der  må suppleres. Kartofler fra dag 4 blev braset, og så fik de voksne dem + et spejlæg hver, så der var nok pizza til Ugleungerne
     Pizzaen er næsten helt hjemmelavet. Dejen er med speltmel, tomatsovsen er hakkede tomater (halvfabrikata fra Irma), krydderurter, olie og salt, ansjoser (ikke økologiske) og reven ost.
     Tomaterne i salaten er nogle af de sidste fra haven. 

-- 🍲 Dag 7 --

     I dag var Skribenten ikke hjemme. Ugleungerne ville gerne have tortillas - igen, og jeg stegte to kyllingelår, delt i over- og underlår til mig og Hvalrossen.
     Egentlig skulle der have været gomasio - ristede sesamfrø og salt - på kålen, men der var ikke flere sesamfrø.
     Der er kylling, perlespelt og majs til overs til en kyllingetærte i morgen.  Vi ender nok med speltmelspandekager efter en let forret.

Vanter igen - Mittens again

      Så er vanterne færdige!   --  The mittens are finished!

Torsdag eftermiddag nåede jeg så langt!
-- --
This is how far I made it before it was time to prepare dinner on Thursday.

Efter aftensmaden strikkede jeg vanterne færdige, men så skulle der hæftes ender. Tid for overspringshandlinger. Det skete i dag, i det herlige solskin.
-- --
After dinner I finished the mittens, but sewing in the ends had to wait. It happened today, while the sun was shining happily.

Så meget garn var der tilbage - et sted mellem 3 og 4 gram.
-- --
This is how much white yarn was left over from the 46 grams I began with - 3 or 4 grams!

torsdag den 19. november 2020

Vanter - Statistrikk - Mittens

     Ligesom Maria i Sound of Music elsker Uglemor varme, uldne vanter - dem af jer, der har læst med i længere tid, ved at Sound of Music har en særlig plads i Uglemors liv.
     Og når dagen nu snart kun er 8 timer lang, med udsigt til at blive endnu kortere før den bliver længere igen, skal der jo strikkes.

Opdateret - 19 November - Update

Man kan se, at det er morgenerne, der bliver mest mørkere. Øv!
The mornings are getting the lion's share of the shortening of the day. Eww!

18 November - Kilde

  Like Maria from The Sound of Music warm woollen mittens are a favourite of MotherOwl's. Long time readers will know that Sound of Music means something special to MotherOwl.
  And now, with the days being only a tad over 8 hours, and only getting shorter every day. Warm woollen mittens are a great thing to knit.

Tirsdag aften - Tuesday Night

     Den særligt norske ting var den måde, tommelfingeren er lavet på. I stedet for en kile, er det  ... tja sådan lidt kræmmerhusagtigt.
     Men efter at have forfulgt sporene fra Statistrikks blog over Jorun Holmens blog til Give a Hoot fra Kelbourne Woolens - hvor mønsteret ikke ligger længere. Det er en en opskrift, som jeg faktisk allerede havde i min "Skal strikkes-kø" på Ravelry, hvor den altså heller ikke er at finde mere ... så er det lige før, jeg må sige at de er mere amerikanske end norske, altså!
     Men derfor må jeg nu prøve alligevel.

-- 💠 --

  The Norwegian thing about these mittens were for me the way in which the thumb is made.
  But following a meandering trace from Statistrikk's blog over Jorun Holmen's blog to Give a Hoot from Kelbourne Woolens - where the pattern is no longer available, to Ravelry, where I had it in my  in my To-be-knit-index, and no longer to be found there any more. Well that detail might prove more American than Norwegian after all, but I'll have to try it anyway.

Onsdag efter frokost - Wednesday after lunch

     Som altid er det garn fra "tønden" det vil sige, noget jeg har liggende. Så der var et nøgle hver af rødt, hvidt og lilla (Tråden i tommelfingeren). Oven i købet var der brugt af det hvide nøgle - det vejede 46 gram. Derfor venter jeg med at strikke tommeltotten indtil den højre vante også er færdig. Det kan jo ske, at den må strikkes i rødt. Men jeg kommer ikke til at bruge det lilla.
-- 💠 --

  As always the yarn is from my stash. I had one each of white, red and purple (the thread in the thumb stitches). And the white one was opened, it weighed in at 46 grams. I'll wait with the thumb until both mittens are done. Maybe I'll have to knit then in red. But I won't have to use the purple yarn.

onsdag den 18. november 2020

Strik/Knitting à la Statistrikk

     Nu har svampen fået er stok. Den ligner ikke mere en spanskgrøn bredblad, men en eller anden anden svamp. Jeg forsøgte først at strikke, så at hækle en flæset ring på  stokken, men det ville bare ikkke som jeg ville. Måske finder jeg ud af det en dag.

-- 📀 --

   The mushroom has had its stem. It does not look much like a verdigris agaric any more.  I also tried first knitting, then crocheting a ring, but it looked awful, and I gave up. Maybe another day or another mushroom.

Fra undersiden --  From below

I profil - Side show

Og på stegepanden. Her ender den altså ikke -- And in the frying pan. No, it won't end up here.

     Det var sjovt. Og der kommer helt sikkert flere strikkede cirkler. Men færst et par særnorske vanter efter opskrift hos Statistrikk. Dog uden statements. Og uden ugler, bare kedelig glatstrik.

-- 📀 --

This was fun, I'm surely going ti knit more circles, but first a pair of mittens Statistrikk's Norwegian style. And minus the statement, also no owls, just plain stockinette.

tirsdag den 17. november 2020

Jessetræet - The Jesse Tree

Ligesom sidste år vil jeg også i år opfordre til en vandring gennem adventstiden med Jessetræet.

-- 🌟 --

 From the first Sunday in advent -- very soon now -- we start the journey through advent towards Christmas with the Jesse Tree. And like last year I recommend looking at Shower of Roses for a fine explanation.

-- 🌟 --

     Jessetræet er en meditativ vandring gennem bibelhistorien, fra verdens skabelse frem til Jesu fødsel.
     Hver dag hænger man et ornament, adventspynt,  på træet, hører en bibelhistorie og leger, snakker, tegner eller noget andet. Se mere her.
     Adventstiden er forskelligt lang hvert år. Der er altid tre hele uger og så mere eller mindre af den fjerde uge. Hvis juleaften er en Ssøndag, er 4 søndag i advent juleaften, altså er der ikke meget af 4. uge. Hvis juleaften derimod falder på en lørdag, er adventstiden så lang, som det er muligt. I år er den 24. december en torsdag, så der er brug for 6 læsninger til den sidste uge. Den sidste dag er nemlig fredag den 25. som jo egentlig er Jesus' fødselsdag.
     Vores plan ser altså sådan her ud i år:

1. uge    
Søndag 29. november - Læsning nr. 1 Jesse rod Es 11,1
Mandag 30. november - Læsning nr. 2 Skabelsen 1 Mos 1,1-2,4
Tirsdag 1. december - Læsning nr. 3 Syndefaldet 1 Mos 2 og 3
Onsdag 2. december - Læsning nr. 4 Noahs ark 1 Mos 6-9
Torsdag 3. december - Læsning nr. 5 Abrahams forjættelser 1 Mos 12-18 &; 21,1-7
Fredag 4. december - Læsning nr. 6 Melchisedek Hebr 6,9-7,28
Lørdag 5. december - Læsning nr. 7 Isaks offer 1 Mos 22,1-19
2. uge   
Søndag 6. december - Læsning nr. 8 Jakob og Esau 1 Mos 25-30
Mandag 7. december - Læsning nr. 9 Josef, drømmetyderen 1 Mos kap 37-45
Tirsdag 8. december -  Læsning nr. 10 Den brændende busk 2 Mos 3,1-8
Onsdag 9. december - Læsning nr. 11 Ørkenvandringen 2 Mos 4,1-17,16
Torsdag 10. december - Læsning nr. 12 De ti bud 2 Mos 20 & 5 Mos 4
Fredag 11. december - Læsning nr. 13 Ruth Matt 1,1-16
Lørdag 12. december - Læsning nr. 14 Samuel 1 Sam 3,1-18
3. uge    
Søndag 13. december - Læsning nr. 15 Kong David salves 1 Sam 16,1-13
Mandag 14. december - Læsning nr. 17 Toias og fisken Tobits bog
Tirsdag 15. december - Læsning nr. 18 Profeten Esajas Es 9,1-6
Onsdag 16. december - Læsning nr. 19 Daniel i løvekulen Daniel kap. 1-6
Torsdag 17. december - Læsning nr. 20 Jonas og hvalen Jonas kap 1-4
Fredag 18. december - Læsning nr. 22 Zakarias Luk 1,5-25; 57-63; 64-80
Lørdag 19. december - Læsning nr. 23 Mariæ bebudelse Luk 1,26-38
4. uge    
Søndag 20. december -  Læsning nr. 24 Johannes Døberen Mark 1,1-15
Mandag 21. december - Læsning nr. 25 Betlehem Mika 5,1. + Matt 2,1-6
Tirdag 22. december - Læsning nr. 26 Josef  Matt 1,18-25
Onsdag 23. december - Læsning nr. 27 Hellige tre konger Matt 2,1-12
Torsdag 24. december - Læsning nr. 28 Jesu fødsel Luk 2,1-21
Fredag 25. december - Læsning nr. 29 Guds Søn Joh 1,1-18 & Åb 22,12-16

mandag den 16. november 2020

Poetry Monday :: (Memories of) Newspapers

   Mimi of Messymimi's Meanderings and Diane of On the Border are taking turns supplying us with a topic for this weekly endeavour. They also both write wonderful, funny, thought-provoking, ingenious or simply honestly well written verse. Go and read.
  Jenny at Procrastinating Donkey is taking a break due to her husband's health issue. Let's continue to send warm thoughts, good energy, and lots of prayers their way.
  I have something to ask of you: If you read this and the poetry of others, would you please leave a comment. Half - if not more - the fun of these challenges is receiving the responses of others.

I am a grumpy, old Owl right now, as can be seen form this non-poem. Sorry!

Old newspapers smell enticing.
The news are less alarming
When you know the outcome,
The weather forecasts cast less glum
The young ones are more charming.
And funny is the pricing.

New newspapers are alarming
The news are not enticing.
The uncertainty of the outcome
Makes our future grim and glum.
And bother all the pricing.
There's nothing fun or charming.

The topic  for next Monday: Showtime. Thanks to Diane and SpikesBestMate.

søndag den 15. november 2020

Cirkelstrik - Circular knitting - Statistrikk

     For et par dage siden viste Skribenten mig en video, en af hans norske kolleger havde sendt ham. Den handlede om Coronavirus, statistik, strikning og hækling. Hvis du nu spørger dig selv, hvordan det kan hænge sammen, så siger jeg, bare se videoen her. Skru godt op for lyden og spids ørerne, hun taler norsk, men det kan altså forstås. Ellers kan der jo komme undertekster på, og hvis det heller ikke er godt nok, ligger linket til den engelske video længere nede.
      Selv samme Kathrine Frey Frøslie har også en blog, hvor hun fortæller om statistik, strik, hækling og løst og fast. Den er meget inspirerende.
     Hun fortæller blandt andet om cirkelstrik, hvor hun strikker fine cirkler med vendestrik. I hendes version bliver det til appelsinskiver, lagkagediagrammer, #detendergodt-siddeunderlag og meget andet. Hos Uglemor bliver cirkler naturligvis til svampe.

-- 📀 --

  A couple of days ago the Writer showed me a video that one of his Norwegian colleagues had shared with him.  It was about statistics, Covid19, knitting and crocheting. How do you combine this and make sense? Watch the video.
  This lovely lady, Kathrine Frey Frøslie, has a blog as well where she speaks of statistics, knitting, crocheting and a lot of other things. It is a very inspiring blog.
  She's doing a thing called circular knitting, using short rows to knit perfect circles. In her version it turns into pie charts, orange slices, #everythingwillbealright pillows and much more. When MotherOwl met circular knitting, the result of course was mushrooms.

-- 📀 --

Et par billeder. Uglemor har strikket i toget i dag - det kan ses på baggrunden af det første billede

A few photos. MotherOwl was knitting in the train. The background for this first circle is a train seat.

     Undersiden af en kommende svamp strikket i retstrik som alle Katrines cirkler, med meget tyndt garn og pinde, og så holder Kathrines cirkel-kile-beregninger ikke. Jeg slog 12 m op og vendte med 4 hver gang, det skulle give 28 kiler, men der er mange flere, vist nok 34, det er også svært at tælle.

  The underside of a mushroom to be, knit in garter stitch like all Kathrines cirkles. It's quite fiddly with needles no. 3 and thin cotton yarn. This makes Kathrine's nice circular-module-computations go awry. I canst on 12 stitches and turned after 4, this should give me 4*7 = 28 segments, but there's many more; approximately 34, it's hard to count then as well.

     Til hatten passede beregningen perfekt. Jeg vendte med 3 masker og nåede 21 kiler, før jeg var rundt. Selvfølgelig måtte jeg prøve med glatstrikning. 
     Svampen her er en farveblind spanskgrøn bredblad. Farven er mere ovre i det pink i virkeligheden.

  For the top of the cap the computations were perfect. Turning with three I made it to 21 segments. And of course I had to try my hand at circular stockinette knitting. 
  The mushroom is a colour-blind verdigris agaric, the colour is more pinkish IRL.

     Her er svampens underside efter sammensyningen. Nu mangler jeg bare at samle masker op og strikke en stok ud fra hullet i bunden.

  The mushroom sewn together and seen from below. Now I can pick up stitches around the hole, and knit a stem.

Sunday Selections - Da Vinci Baubles

Not so much has been happening in the photo department this week. The weather has been drippy and dreary, not inspiring for photos. The only ones I took was of my dinners for coming blog posts cum rant and then the ever returning da Vinci baubles. This is what you get, then.

72 tea bags for one da Vinci bauble.

Now I'm done folding. 18 squares are waiting in the box.

And then some days later sewing happened. Now the bauble is ready to be photographed. The weather collaborated in being only slightly overcast, and good for photos.

onsdag den 11. november 2020

WfW - 11.11 - Aunt Jemima

In October the prompts are provided by Margaret Adamson, and her friend Sue Fulcher. But they are published at Elephant's Child's blog. Today she has given us two times six words.

Elastic Band

And /or

   And even given two times six words and having an idea, I did not succeed in using even one of the words ... well, there's more story to be told yet. This is of Aunt Jemima, as per title, but also about genealogy. A subject, I do not know much of, but have tried my hand at in the past week. If I have made any mistakes please correct me.

"So you are Susan,"Aunt Jemima said  as Susan and the three wizard children arrived at the Magician's House.
"Yes," Susan replied, curtseying to the lady. She was sitting in a rocking chair, and was not nearly as imposing as Susan had imagined. She was small. Even smaller than Susan's grandmother, and then she was thin, beautiful, and completely white-haired. She was dressed in a black velvet dress with starched, white ruffles and mother of pearl buttons and looked more like an English queen or something from an old painting than an intimidating aunt. Susan had expected something in the style of her own aunt Cleo cheroot and all.
"Please tell me who in your family are the magicians," Aunt Jemima said as Susan had sat down in the sofa.
"My grandmother is, and quite a few others, too," Susan replied quite in accordance with the truth. "I do not know much about my family history. My aunt, who is not a witch because she is too sad, has dabbled in genealogy, but she did not get very far."
"How strange," said Aunt Jemeima. "A sad witch who is not a witch and has no forebears."
Susan whispered to Lis, "What kind of bears?"
Lis bit her lip so as not to laugh: "No, not bears at all ... it's just a fancy word for ancestors."
Thank you. "Susan whispered back.
"Yes, I have ancestors," Susan said. "Just not that many, or rather ..." Susan hesitated.
"Just speak freely, my child," Aunt Jemima urged her.
"Well, my aunt, and her genealogy. She did not get very far. For my grandfather's mother is a gypsy, born somewhere on a country road between Haparanda and Helsingborg. And my grandmother's family - these are the ones where the witchcraft comes from, and there she found my grandma's great-grandmother - and she was a witch. But then she did not get any further, because the parish registers were gone. The rectory had burned in that parish, and with it the registers. It was not long after that fire that it a law was introduced requiring all parish registers  to be kept in duplicate, which may not be kept under one roof."
"It's quite a story," said Aunt Jemima, shaking her white-haired head. "But it makes it a little hard to figure out what kind of witch you are."
"She's a super good witch, Auntie," Heidi said. "She can summon animals as easily as nothing. Susan, could you please summon a few mice so Aunt Jemima can see how good you are at it?"
"I think that would not be a good idea, my dear Heidi," Aunt Jemima said with a nervous glance in Susan's direction. "Cassandra and Kaithan probably wouldn't be thrilled to have the house filled with mice either."
"No problems,"Heidi assured her, "they are used to things like that. We are, after all, children of wizards."
Aunt Jemima took a deep breath, but before she could say anything, Kai came in and said that dinner was served.
The kids did not say very much during dinner. Susan mostly because Kai's full name, Kaithan, made her shake with pent-up laughter every time she looked over at him. Luckily, it eased off a bit during the meal. Heidi and the twins were used to her aunt's visit, and knew from experience that it was better to keep their mouth shut. Their parents did not agree with them on what were appropriate topics to discuss at a dinner table in Aunt Jemima's presence.
While sitting at the dessert, a glorious blackcurrant ice cream, Aunt Jemima asked, "You did not say anything about your father, sweet Susan. Is there no wizard's blood at all from that side?"
"My father, no I do not think so. Oh, yes. There is my aunt Cleo. She predicts people's future, but never for any of her family, in both cards and coffee grounds." Aunt Jemima smiled indulgently. Susan continued: "But I'm not related to her at all. She's married to my father's ... cousin, or was it uncle? She probably doesn't count at all, even though she's very sweet and tough."
"Soon it will be bedtime for you kids," Sandra said. "You have to be wide awake tomorrow. Susan and Heidi, if you tag along, I can show you where Susan is going to sleep."

mandag den 9. november 2020

Alting har en ende ...

 Hva mon der sker, når man skal bort?
Når livets skjorte bli'r for kort? 
Hvor mon den er, den røde tråd?
Man må for fa'en da bli' til noget!

Jeg er helt sikker på at Vorherre og alle Hans engle morer sig kosteligt over dine nyste numre.
Jeg savner dig hernede!
-- ♪ 𝆕 𝅝 𝅗𝅥 𝄩 𝄽 𝄾 --
Dear readers of non-Danish origin. This is a tribute to a musician, composer, singer and song writer who died Sunday, and was a big part of my childhood, youth and adult life. I loved him at first sound in 1973, and followed him all the way.

Poetry Monday :: A Domestic Incident

   Mimi of Messymimi's Meanderings and Diane of On the Border are taking turns supplying us with a topic for this weekly endeavour. They also both write wonderful, funny, thought-provoking, ingenious or simply honestly well written verse. Go and read.
  Jenny at Procrastinating Donkey is taking a break due to her husband's health issue. Let's continue to send warm thoughts, good energy, and lots of prayers their way.
  I have something to ask of you: If you read this and the poetry of others, would you please leave a comment. Half - if not more - the fun of these challenges is receiveng the responses of others.

  An elfje is all I have to offer for todays Poetry.
It happens
We like it
There's never too many

The topic  for next Monday: (Memories of) Newspapers. Thank you, Diane.

søndag den 8. november 2020

A week in Photos - Sunday Selections

Lørdag - Saturday
Solen skinnede herligt, medens vi gjorde klar til at fejre Halloween,

The sun shone brightly while we prepared our Halloween celebrations.

Søndag - Sunday
Et æble, nogen ikke ville spise og smukke svampe på vejen hjem. 

Half an apple and pretty mushrooms on my way home.

Mandag - Monday
Der var tilbud på thebreve i et af de lokale supermarkeder.
Skribenten købte friske forsyninger til Uglemor.

The local supermarket had too many teabags.
The Writer bought some more for MotherOwl.

Tirsdag - Tuesday
Uglemor brugte alle kaffepauser og andre pauser på at flette da Vinci-kugler.

MotherOwl used all the breaks during the day to make da Vinci baubles.
Here's the first one.

Onsdag - Wednesday
Vi plukkede flere østershatte på vene hjem

We picked more Oyster mushrooms on our way home.

Torsdag - Thursday
Løbeænder - igen på vej hjem.
De gækker meget højt og er fornøjelige at se på.

Indian Runner Ducks - on our way home.
They are loud an funny-looking.

Fredag - Friday
Gensyn med springvandet,. Det var regnvejr, og det bliver langsomt fyldt med vand.

The fountain revisited. It has been raining, and the fountain is slowly filling up.

mandag den 2. november 2020

Poetry Monday :: 2.11 - The No Poetry Issue.

Mimi of Messymimi's Meanderings and Diane of On the Border are taking turns supplying us with a topic for this weekly endeavour. They also both write wonderful, funny, thought-provoking, ingenious or simply honestly well written verse. Go and read.
  Jenny at Procrastinating Donkey is taking a break due to her husband's health issue. Let's continue to send warm thoughts, good energy, and lots of prayers their way.
  I have something to ask of you: If you read this and the poetry of others, would you please leave a comment. Half - if not more - the fun of these challenges is receiveng the responses of others.

This Poetry Monday sneaked up on me ... how can Mondays do this? Well a Monday is a Monday, they always come sneaking too fast. but this weekend we've been deligting in a visit from BigSis with the two grandkids. And had a halloween party. And talked, and played, and ate, and had cake, always cake, and talked some more, and were off to mass ...   I suppose MotherOwl is going to pass on Poetry Monday this time around.

Next Mondays topic is: A Domestic Incident from Spike’s Best Mate.

søndag den 1. november 2020

Stones and Life - Sunday Selection

  In a bigger city than the one MotherOwl normally visits for shopping and so on, there's a group of stone animals. I always pass them going form or to the station. Now I remembered taking a few photos. I hope you enjopy these tiny giants.

  And in MotherOwl's normal Big town, we have stones like these. Only it's not elepants, hippos and bears growing through the cracks, but mushrooms.
  No, MotherOwl did not pick the mushroom, even if it's edible, it's in the middle of town. so we would not eat it. Let it grow!