tirsdag den 12. januar 2021

Inserting photos where YOU want them in D.... New Blogger!

If you want to insert a photo or picture after having finished your blog post you're in trouble. At least I am. Half the time or more Blogger adds the photo at the bottom of your post, and copy - pasting it where I want it to stay, adds tonnes of strange code.

But now I found out how to do it!

First you write a word or two just where you want your photo to be placed and then mark the words as a block. Like this:
I typed in Vejret-4 - the name of my photo

Then you add a photo:
Uploading Vejret-4 - don't click that blue button quite yet!

And then you select the photo by clicking it, giving it a blue border:
Nice blue border around Vejret-4

And THEN you click the blue button adding the photo to your blog:
Ta-daaah! Photo Vejret-4 placed just where I wanted it to go.

Sometimes the photo replaces the word (Vejret-4) sometimes it is placed just above or below the word. Then I just delete the words. And very seldom, in spite of doing this, the photo is placed in the bottom of my blog anyhow. But if at first you don't succeed ...
Job's done!

5 kommentarer:

  1. It has been annoying, thank you for all of your tips and tricks for dealing with new blogger.

    1. Yes it's annoying. Before New Blogger I just wrote, edited a bit and published. Now I write, think, look something up, learn more HTML - sometimes even calling on my son who studies IT - edit some more and then publish.
      I am a firm believer in the sharing of knowledge!

  2. when adding the blue border around your selected photo, if you double click you don't need to click the blue button. I find it easier now to add all my photos then write between them later.
    LOVE the little snow plow across the bottom of your screen here :)

    1. Thanks! Everything that makes blogging easier is welcome! I also normally do that. But then they are not always placed in the order I want them, and sometimes i forget .. or get a new idea or... something ;)
      I found some old links for screen-adornment and had to try them out. I like it too.

    2. If a photo is in the wrong place, click on it and it turns blue then click the "backspace" key and it goes away, then you can reload it where you want it. In the window where it says "choose files" I always choose each photo in the order I want them to appear, I work that out beforehand because I usually use them to tell a story about Meg or about my garden.