lørdag den 19. december 2020

Behind the ORTs

All Decembers ORTs which I showed off yesterday, come from somewhere. Most of them came from circular knitting. But of course I also have had other ideas:
1st row. Left to right:
Testing. It turned into an orange for the sink - Mittens for the Writer. Statistrikk's good pattern (without the statement) - A watermelon, given away.

2nd row. Left to right:
Blue cornflower under a lamp - Testing of watermelon, for the sink - Lemon for an orange jug.

3rd row. Left to right
Testing lime fruit, for the sink - Crocheting corona virus. Pattern: Statistrikk (Pearls to follow when they show up)  - Blue orange ;) Testing, for the sink.

... and on another note. I have spent at least three times as long as the writing and picture formatting took me editing HTML code to make this post look somewhat like I wanted it to look, and not as DNBlogger wanted. It's a huge P.I.T.A.

6 kommentarer:

  1. What a pleasure to come here and see your beautiful work. I am inspired.


    1. Thank you.
      I love playing with the materials and make my ideas come to life. Sometimes I succeed ... mostly not.

  2. I am so glad (and grateful) that you persevered with the formatting. And yes, New Blogger is a pain in the fundament.
    Of these, I particularly like the lemon for the orange jug - and the jug itself is a beauty.

    1. I'll have to persevere, also in sending in error reports to Blogger. Here's hoping. I've heard that Blogger reads, or at least skims through the blogs, so I'm writing about my pains in the posterior in a separate post soon.
      The jug was bought in Italy while travelling with my parents long ago. My mum recently gave it to me. It is like sunshine to me.

  3. Such pretty knitting! Lovely stuff.