torsdag den 23. juli 2020

New Blogger - Deadline and Labels

Now we have a date for when New Blogger will be the only one, and Legacy Blogger no more: August 24th.

But still the labelling system does not work. Look at these screenshots:

  In the top half of the screenies, I typed in el to find the label Elfje, I found it and ticked off the box. In the lover half I began deleting el to type in Po - to find Poetry Monday. But - Wait a second!  The tick off mark next to Elfje was deleted too. This is what I mean. It plain does not work as intended.
  No measure of me getting used to New Blogger can remedy this.

PS: This blog-post was written in New Blogger. Not very bad, apart from:
- Only one label allowed.
- Having to change to HTML to continue adding text below the picture.

PPS: Yes I know that I can add the labels from the post overview list. But the in-post labelling is supposed to work, and it does not!

3 kommentarer:

  1. And still no way to post pictures from my tablet.

    1. That is even worse. One of the reasons they re-made it was because of the mobile devices!