tirsdag den 21. november 2017

Øv! - Bah! (21. november)

Da det lader til at Uglemor ikke kan finde på interessante blogindlæg 30 dage i træk eller bare finde ud af at poste indlæg 30 dage i træk, opgives tankerne hermed.

It seems MotherOwl is unable to write 30 iteresting blogposts - or indeed 30 blogposts in a row interesting or not. The NaNoWriMo-challenge is hereby failed.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Uglemor,

    You haven't failed. You wrote many interesting blog posts. I've enjoyed them all. You probably wouldn't have written all these posts if you hadn't set yourself a challenge. They are bonus posts. An extra gift for the blogging world. Now you're ending your challenge. You're not failing. Instead you have reassessed and decided you have said all you need to (for the moment). Do you remember how we were talking about whether we need to finish everything we start? We don't. We just need to be able to decide what is worth persevering with and what isn't. Hopefully, after a short break, your head will be spinning with lots of new and interesting ideas for posts!

    1. Dear Sue Elvis. How I wish this was true. If I had run out of words or things to say, I'd have accepted this. But the syupid and humbling truht is that I just didn't make it. I sat down to write another blogpost. (I'm rewising and rewriting my Iromman story, now posed in protions on my Ironman blog.) But first I had to edit some photos for my editing job, I fooled around with Photoscape for some time, then I looked at screenshots for Rusty's tale, then I read some blogposts ... Suddenly The Writer said: "MotherOwl, it's time to go to bed. Now!" I looked at the clock. A quarter past midnight. We spoke about the Internet eating our time, well it had eaten up mine. There just was no way I could make the time run backwards. I failed.