mandag den 25. februar 2019

Poetry Monday :: Hair

Delores of Mumblings and Jenny of Procrastinating Donkey is taking turns hosting Poetry Monday.
Today's theme is hair. It is a theme everybody is sure to have a meaning of. And at least here in Denmark it is a rule, that women cut their hair short as it turns grey. A trend I'm not going to follow.

-- ✂ --

     Delores fra Mumblings og Jenny fra Procrastinating Donkey  skiftes til at opkaste et tema til et mandagsdigt. Dagens tema er hår. Et tema alle mener noget om. Jeg har altid ment at det var underligt at man skulle klippe sit hår kort, når det blev gråt. Stædige Uglemor vil ikke følge trop.

-- ✂ --

Mit hår bli'r gråt
jeg ved det godt.
Men jeg vil ikke klippe det,
og jeg vil ikke slippe det.

I må forstå
at alt det grå
det vokser jo alligevel
præcis som det bestemmer selv.

Så kort og godt
mit hår er gråt.
Men derfor bli'r det ikke kort.
Tag saksen frem - jeg løber bort.

-- ✂ --

My hair turns grey
Needless to say.
But still I will not cut it
It grows whatever way I put it.

Please understand
That every strand
is long as nature made it
So sorry, I won't trade it

For locks so short
Of any sort.
My hair unruly, although grey
For scissors never will fall prey.

5 kommentarer:

  1. Long gray or white hair is quite beautiful, i am glad you are keeping it. Very nice poem!

  2. A poem in two languages.....what riches for Poetry Monday. Great job.

  3. Good for you for keeping your hair the way you want it! I think more people should do this :)

    Wonderful job with the topic!

  4. I like long hair too. Mine doesn't grow very long, but I've given up having it cut and now it can just grow and grey the way nature intended.

  5. Thank you everybody for your praise and recommendations of my lines. I feel quite humbled and very thankful!