onsdag den 5. december 2018

Words for Wednesday - 5. December -- Unicorn Farm 9

This week's prompts are provided by River at Drifting through Life.

1. noose
2. moose
3. soon
4. omen
5. shoe
6. onion


1. hourglass
2. fireplace
3. fragment
4. paradise
5. discussing
6. wondering

Once again I wrote a small chapter from my mock autobiography and once again I took up the additional challenge of using the prompts in the order they were given.

Susan and Tue are alone in the Heidi's family's summer house. It is Winter holidays 2nd year. Tue, Heidi and Susan have grasped the chance to try and complete a magic ritual to make a letter readable. Kai and Sandra (Heidi's parents) are away, Lis is too. They miss her, as she is the best of the bunch when it comes to writing and reading. They have copied a ritual from an old book at the Unicorn Farm, in the middle of the night, as some of the other teachers are staying there for Christmas. And they do not approve of the four children and their nosiness.

"Lend me a noose to catch a moose." Susan chanted.
"The man in the Moon came down too soon" Heidi answered.
Lis came through the door, bringing a whiff of cold, wintry air into the stuffy living room.
"It sounds like an old omen," Lis said.
"Shh, you'll disrupt the ritual," Tue whispered furiously.
"One, two, buckle my shoe" Heidi said
"I give you an onion. It is a moon ..." Susan intoned, but in that moment the last grain of sand left the upper half of the hourglass.
"Bugger," Tue said "We did not make it."
"What are you trying to do?" Lis asked.
"Look into the fireplace," Tue answered. "You'll find the fragments of a letter, Susan found in Torben's dustbin the other day. Now we're trying to make them grow into the whole letter again with the aid of an old ritual. We just cannot say all those nonsensical rhymes fast enough, and now, as we thought we had it, you came and made us bungle it once again."
"Let me see it," Lis said, snapping the parchment from Tues hands. She studied the ritual.
"You know what, all those lines and rhymes come from old books, but I'm sure you got that one wrong. That one is from Dante's Paradise. That might be why it does not work. Wait here."

Tue and Susan was left stunned. They looked at one another, then began discussing whose fault it was, that the wording was wrong.
"You told me, what to write," Tue said,
"Yes, I did," said Susan "You must have misheard me, or maybe just plain written the wrong word."
"Furthermore" Tue said, "we were in a hurry, it was dark, the book was old and the candle was sputtering. I start wondering if that is the only word that is wrong. Some of it sounds quite meaningless to me."
"Old literature is often like that," Heidi said placatingly. She laid her hands on both their forearms: "Let's wait until Lis returns. She knows a lot more of books and literature than we three together. What a luck she returned early from that witches' Yule gathering."

3 kommentarer:

  1. This is a heap of fun. And I am loving your continuing story. Clever, and fun too.

  2. Oooh! sounds like they are having fun. I hope they manage to find the right ritual before someone else comes in and disrupts things again.
    Me? I'd be sticking the fragments together with scotch tape, like a jigsaw.

    1. They are having fun, but sacred fun. And the letter is missing too many pieces to be of any use just put together (this was in a prewious, not jet written chapter). They're trying synmathetic magic here.