lørdag den 10. december 2022

Fredagsfrustration - Aldi 2

For et par uger siden undrede jeg mig over, hvor elendig "min" Aldi var blevet. Det var der åbenbart en årsag til - de var på vej ud.

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Some weeks ago I mused over the vaning quality of "my" Aldi. Obviously this was not without reason. They are pulling put of Denmark.

Translation of the text:
The German grocery chain Aldi withdraws from the Danish market.

Rema 1000 (A Norwegian grocery chain) takes over 114 of Aldi's 188 stores in Denmark. Rema 1000 and Aldi state this in a joint press release.

In TV 2 Lorry's (News agency) area, 29 stores are to be taken over. Aldi will close or sell the remaining stores in 2023.

The decision has been taken as part of a transformation strategy to focus on the other eight markets in Europe, where Aldi is experiencing strong growth and "sees a long-term potential", the press release reads.

"Aldi opened in Denmark in 1977 as the first discount grocery chain and served as a huge inspiration for our owner, Odd Reitan, when he opened the first REMA in Trondhjem in 1979.

"So it is with equal parts humility and pride that we get to carry on the torch, says Henrik Burkal, CEO of Rema 1000 Denmark."

From the list below you can see which Aldi stores in TV 2 Lorry's area will reopen as Rema 1000.

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Og ja, "min" Aldi er med på listen. Hvilket jeg syner er sært, for der er allerede en Rema 1000 centralt placeret i byen. Gad vide, hvad der sker?

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And yes, "my" Aldi is on the lists of stores to reopen as Rema 1000. I find this strange, as we already have one of these in the centre of town. I wonder, what will happen.

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  1. Sigh. I wonder why. And whether our Aldi is becoming like all the other stores for similar reasons. I hope not.

    1. Aldi has always had a hard time in Denmark, so I really do not wonder. They began their career by selling German-produced UHT-milk (milk that can be stored for long at room temperature). In a country like Denmark, where every small town had their own dairy when I grew up, this was not a well thougth out move ... and they never got a break-through, I guess because they never really understood the Danish way of seeing food and shopping.
      The one taking over is different from the rest, but for me different in a direction that is not attractive. I buy exactly one thing as a staple food in that chain ;)
      I hope your Aldi either improves, or is taken over by an attractive to you alternative.

  2. I don't take much notice of our Aldi and if I go there one day and it is something else I will be surprised, but probably not care much, since I don't shop there.

  3. Aldi is a great store, at least the one time i ever got to one it was. I'm sorry they will be gone from Denmark. We might actually get one someday, or so i've heard.


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