torsdag den 8. juli 2021

No Story -- WfW July 7

This is a challenge, where the old saying "The more the merrier" holds true, therefore: Please, remember to go back, read other peoples' stories there or follow their links back. And please place a comment after reading. Challenges like this one thrives on interaction.

In July we'll find the Words for Wednesday at Lissa's blog The Memory Tourist. For July 7th we were given:

1. orphan
2. island
3. farm
4. brother
5. freckles
6. red-haired
7. imagination
8. friend
9. charm
10. home

And although these words speak to me, very much so even, I have not had the time or ease of mind to write a story. Two reasons at least.
1. MOTHS - the animal that must not be named when wool is around. And in my project room there's lots and lots of wool, whole fleeces, combed or carded wool, batts, plant dyed wool and woollen yarns galore. Sigh. Moth extermination Owl crew to the rescue. I have a crick in the neck for constantly watching for flying moths and my fingers are scorched from taking out crates of wool from the oven. Heat treatment exterminates moths and their eggs.
2. Le Tour. Believe it or not. MotherOwl, who normally does not care for sports; as in she does not even know against whom the Danish team is playing and when in football. That same Owl sits glued to the screen for 3 weeks, watching 184 men climbing mountains and suffering on their bikes ;) When BiggerSis - who shares the passion - still lived at home, we even rented a TV for those 3 weeks.

Now you know why no writing happens. I promise to catch up.

6 kommentarer:

  1. Good luck with your fight against the darn critters. Ingo´s Granma made the most wonderful socks and some have holes - though I never saw a moth!
    Those words are tricky.
    Le Tour. In Ingo´s old village was a Jan Ullrich. But he was the butcher, LOL. Enjoy watching (not the butcher).

  2. Sorry for the moth invasion :(
    At what temperature do you treat the critters?
    While you send yours to the Sahara desert mine are sent to Siberia in my freezer ha-ha!

    1. Thank you. It was really bad. I treat Woollen goods at 50 degrees for 3 hours, cotton and linen at 90 degrees for 1 hour. Items depending on their heat resistance either as wool or cotton. My freezer is not big enough.

  3. I am so glad you explained the reasons for lack of time/peace of mind. And hope you have defeated the moth invasion.

  4. Begone, moths! May they pester you no more.

    Enjoy the Tour!

  5. My daughter had a pantry moth invasion, but didn't realise until I showed her, by then it was too late, they had been all over the house laying eggs and we spent three and a half years laying out pheromone traps every three months to catch the males so the hatching females couldn't breed.


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