onsdag den 20. februar 2013

Strikkeonsdag (dag 20) -- Yarn Along (Day 20)

     I dag har jeg travlt med at strikke. Første sok til Piraten er blevet færdig, han prøvede den, straks han kom hjem fra skole - og den passer. Det bliver også til endnu et par sokker til Spirillen. De bliver også i tre forskellige farver, da der ikke er nok af en eller bare to, vi vejede garnet i går aftes, og så strikkede jeg tåen til den første. Den bliver blå og grøn indtil jeg løber tør for grønt, så bliver det blå og sort. Den bolchefarvede hat, der har været trævlet op 5 eller 6 gange, bliver nu endelig som jeg har forestillet mig.
     Så har jeg åbenbart fået et flip med at læse gamle Penguins, i sidste uge læste jeg "Brideshead Revisited" (Gensyn med Brideshead), i denne uge har jeg kastet mig over "The Midwick Cuckoos" (Gøgene i Gorby).

 - - - - -

Today I'm busy knitting. First sock for the Piraet has been cast off. It fits him ;) A second par of socks for Marsupilami is begun. I weighed the yarn yesterday and found enough for another pair in three different colours in my stash barrel. The continuing colour is blue, the other two the bottle green and black from the other pair of socks. The hat in the candy coloured yarn is finally coming along as I imagined it.

And then I've started re-reading a lot of our old Penguins. This week it's The Midwich Cockoos, a rather scary tale and quite a contrast to last weeks Brideshead Revisited.

Link til Yarn Along hos Small Things.

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  1. I really like your socks...I like the colors too!!

    1. Thank you, the colours are courtesy of my stash, I'm lucky they go so well together.

  2. you knit from the toe up? very cool. i just started knitting socks, they are so fun.

    1. Yes, I knit from the toe up, I never did othervise, and apart from the first couple of rounds, which I call the spiders web phase, it's quite practical and easy. The sock in the photo is my 3rd sock ever :)

  3. Uglemor,

    I got my long neglected knitting out the other day. That was when I was on my blogging break!! Well, that didn't last long, did it? My plans often don't work out quite like I imagine. Now the big question is... will I continue knitting or will I forget it again now I am back to writing? I think Gemma-Rose is rather hoping I continue with her cardigan.

    Brideshead Revisited? I remember watching that on TV years ago. Was Jeremy Irons in that? I always meant to read the book. Did you enjoy it?

    It's so nice to be back on the Internet and visiting your blog!

    God bless!

    1. Sue Elvis
      I hope you will continue your knitting, I also knit while blogging, all those small breaks waiting for this and that to load are made for knitting. And Gemma-Rose sure deserves a momma-knit cardigan.

      I also saw Brideshead Revisited many years ago, Jeremy Irons played the main character, Charles Ryder. It is one of the few books into film that are really true to the book, so there's really no need to read the book. I have re-read it several times since then, and it is always a pleasure. This time was no exception. I wonder if I'm going to re-watch it as well,as I had the DVD-set for my birthday some years ago. I looked up Jeremy Irons in IMDB, he's grown old, I thougth, but then Brideshead Revisited was filmed back in 1981.

      I'm happy to have you back!

    2. Uglemor,

      Brideshead Revisited was filmed in 1981? I think Jeremy Irons is not the only person who has grown old. I'm getting old too!


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