fredag den 25. juni 2021

Hvide stakitter - mange billeder - Updated in English

Uglemor har være i haven igen. Denne gang er der blevet lavet en ny frøsø. Den gamle var blevet utæt, men den var også 25 år gammel

 --- 🐸 ---

MotherOwl has been at work in the garden once again. This time she has been renovating the 25 years old pond that had become leaky and turned into a swamp.

Den gamle, overgroede frøsump.

The old overgrown pond turned swamp

Så er den blevet luget, hegnet er blevet taget væk, men mjødurt og iris, som skal bevares, gror stadig i søen.

Weeds and fence removed. Iris and meadowsweet, to be kept, are still growing

Der var nok en kubikmeter jord i hullet. Det var tungt.

Pond emptied of earth - there were loads, and it was heavy!

Hullet blev udvidet og drysset med sand - det er lerjord, mere ler end jord i den dybde.

Hole enlarged and covered with sand. More clay than sand down there.

Ugleungerne blev sat til at hente vand. Både regnvand og fra hanen. En kande ad gangen.

The Owlets were put to work, one at a time cans of rain and tap water were poured into the pond.

Regnvejret klarede de sidste mange liter, og så blev mjødurt og iris sat tilbage på plads.

And the rain delivered the many last litres. Iris and meadowsweet were planted again.

For 2 år siden lavede Uglemor en havelåge. Den er nu blevet renoveret. Pælen var knækket, så der skulle en ny pæl til.

Two years ago, MotherOwl made a new gate. Now the post had broken, and MotherOwl went shopping for a replacement.

Den blev fragtet hjem på cykel, naturligvis, og viste, hvad et mundbind også kan bruges til.

New pole brought home by bike - showing off an alternate use of a facemask

Frøsøen skulle også have et nyt hegn. Det kom til at se sådan her ud. Ugleungerne er utilfredse; de synes, det skal være bølgeformet, når nu det ikke skal være lige. Måske bliver det lavet om ...

Fence in front of the new pond. The Owlets grumble. It should be wavy, not chaotic! Well ... MotherOwl might re-make the fence.

--- 😠 ---

Og så lidt brok.
Til lågen skulle Uglemor købe et glipfald - se billedet. Men det var altså svært. Hun endte med at tage det gamle fra hønsegården og sætte hen på lågen. For kig lige engang:

More grumbling.
MotherOwl had to buy a new thingie to close the gate. She ended up replacing the one to the chicken yard with a new one, and use the old one for the gate. Look here to see why.
Gammelt glipfald fra hønsegården - rart at røre ved og med fine former og detaljer.

Old "closing-thingie" (can't find the English name for it) nice to the touch and pleasing to look at.

Nyt glipfald - ikke spor pænt, og med grater og kanter, der er hårde ved sarte fingre. Det kan godt være at det nye i absolutte tal kostede det samme som det gamle gjorde for 25 år siden, men jeg ville altså hellere betale mere for et fint et som det gamle.

New "closing-thingie" with raw edges and burrs. Not nice to our fingers, and not nice to look at either. Maybe that the new thingie was cheaper than the old one was 25 years ago, but MotherOwl would like to pay more for a nice one.

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  1. I don't understand a word but the photos are speaking for themselves. I love the picture of the bicycle with a wood post and a face mask hanging from it most of all!

    1. Thank you - I have updated with text in English as well. I earned many smiles on the ride home with a pole wearing a facemask.

  2. Lots and lots and lots of work. I hope you are (mostly) pleased with the outcomes.

    1. Thank you, yes I'm mostly pleased, but the Owlets and the Writer are not - as you can now see in the text - I might have to re-make the fence.

  3. The new one will wear with time, but maybe you could use a rasp or smaller file and smooth the edges a bit?
    The pond is looking better now.

    1. Good idea, that might do something for our fingers :) I have some small files the Owlets used for die cast mini figures for board games. They should work.
      THank you, yes, now it's a pond once again.

  4. It must have been a tiring day.. but seeing the results is very satisfying ^_^

    greetings from Indonesia
    I follow your blog

    1. Thank you and welcome.
      It was not a day's work, more like a week. And were happy with the results.

  5. That fence is fun! Although if they don't like it, i guess it might have to go.

    Sorry i am so long in getting to blogs, work is never ending.

    The closing thingie can be called a latch.

    1. Thank you - and as always better late than never. Thnaks for "latch". That's it!

  6. First: Thank you for translating to English! google translate makes a weird, bad job with your language and always leaves me puzzled!

    Second, LOL... "LOL"? the mask at the end of that pole.
    Classic. Will we one day laugh about that?

    Love the fence It´s perfect like that with the dwarf! Very cool. But I read you, if you wanted it wavy... then it´s chaotic, maybe it was meant to be?

    I use thingie/thingy a lot, also :-)
    This looks complicated, too!

    A pond, oh, sooo nice. Will there be "final" pics?

  7. Yes Google translate from Danish is strange. I once made a post on this, called Giggle Translate.
    I sure hope that we'll end up laughing at masks - the masks fell in Denmark last Monday, only to be used in Hospitals and while standing up in Public transportation. Yes!
    The dwarf is a German addition, we bougth it in A OBI-Markt while living there, and it sat next to me in the passenger seat - with a safety belt - on our way home ;) He needs some paint now. I like the fence as is, but as several other do not. I might have to re-make it.
    Thingies Thingamajigs or whatyamacallits abound here as well.
    And yes, once its done, photos of the finished pond are sure to follow.