søndag den 6. juni 2021

Sunday Selections - Trees and Flowers

This Sunday I want to show photos from my garden. This is a meme, but I'll let River do the presentation:
Long, long ago, in days of yore...Kim of Frog ponds Rock, (who no longer blogs), dreamed up a meme called Sunday Selections. A place where those who were willing could put up photos they wanted to share, new, old, good, bad or indifferent, any photos you please. Nothing rude or vulgar though. And we don't mind at all if overseas bloggers care to join us. The meme is now continued by Elephant's Child and I occasionally join in as do a few others. Andrew is one. Messymimi is another. Drop in to Elephant's Child and have a look.
For today - and yes it is still Sunday here in my little corner of the world - I have two series. The first one is trees with other things growing on or inside them:

Old apple tree with an ash tree growing from a hole in a branch - I suspect the woodpecker of leaving a seed up there.

Plum tree with a dandelion growing where two brances meet. It needed no help getting there.

Old walnut tree (felled because of a disease) now home to a sunflower. This time the prime suspect is a tit or a blue tit bringing a seed here from our bird feeder.

The second series is: White, or almost white, flowers. Linking up with Life in Colour. This months colour is white/silver

Sloe flowers - not in my garden, but very close to where I live.

Rhododendron from my front garden

Ramsons growing in my herbal bed.

Columbines. I grow them for dye, but I never tried the white ones.

Some kind of daisy with inhabitant.

4 kommentarer:

  1. You will be totally unsurprised to learn that I adore your garden reveal. Magic.
    We have shoots from birds discards growing everywhere. Some I uproot and others I let go.
    I do love columbines (known here as Granny's Bonnets and grow them with pleasure. My white one didn't come back last year. I will have to get another.

  2. It's lovely to see all the growing things!

  3. I love your garden :)
    My older daughter has a walnut tree growing, it was there when they moved in along with other nut trees and and old apple tree.

  4. Thank you for the white flowers Charlotte. Our blackthorn has now been replaced by Hawthorn.