torsdag den 5. april 2018

Back to the Classics - April

My Back to the Classics Challenge is still suffering ...

but this time I was lucky with the rool of a die. I rolled a 9. Meaning a classic with a colour in the title. As I have already read De grønne skyggers dal Poul Nørgaard - a gift for Christmas - I'm all set for this month.

 Concerning the past months' reading, I can copy-past what I wrote in March:

  • In January I rolled an 11 and began reading A Classic that scares you: Dr. Zhivago. Well I'm at page 50-something now. Every time I pick up this book, I begin doing something else - or reading something else. It STILL scares me!
  •  In February I rolled an 8 for A Classic with a single-word title I chose Gymnadenia by Sigrid Undset. It still lies unopened here beside me, even thougt I'm sure I'll love reading it.
  • In March the die was thrown. I got a 6, meaning: A classic crime story, fiction or non-fiction.  I imagined P.D. James to be older than she was. Try again. 
Then I read a couple of books that do not qualify, as they're far too recent to even get near the list. All this in order to avoid reading Dr. Zhivago. I even tried bringing that book along for long, boring train journeys on my own, but I never got to open it, free newspapers and the view from the window captured my attention. And now I began re-reading the Harry Potter series. This time in English and in one go.

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