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Words for Wednesday :: June 19 :: Gylfi & Thora 9

The Word for Wednesday challenge started a long time ago. Now it has turned into a movable feast with Elephant's Child as our coordinator; and the Words are provided by a number of people. This merry month of May they are by David M. Gascoigne.

The general idea of this challenge is to make us write. Poems, stories, subtitles, tales, jokes, haiku, crosswords, puns, ... you're the boss.
Use all Words, some Words, one Word, or even none of them if that makes your creative juices flow. Anything goes, only please nothing rude or vulgar.

 It is also a challenge, where the old saying
"The more the merrier" holds true.

So Please, remember to follow the links, go back and read other peoples' stories. And please leave a comment after reading. Challenges like this one thrives on interaction, feedback and encouragement. And we ALL need encouragement.

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Words for Wednesday June 19:

But I still had the last batch of words left over from last Wednesday, and they fit my story. As usual I used them in the order they were given, and continued my tale from where I left off.

The words were:

Back in Hella Thora decided to check out the families living around there for wizards and witches. Gylfi backed her up and suggested she used the ruse with borrowing a cup of flour from the houses.

In a house surrounded by buttercups Thora talked for a long time with Hildur, the housewife and mother of eight children in all ages from toddler to young adults. Thora was almost blown away by the magic in the air, even the baby in its pen seemed to exude magic like a strong light. During her visit she took great care not to talk of anything to do with magic. But she noticed the harness used to train the small ones broomstick flying  and the wands hidden in a vase of paper flowers. With her new knowledge of wands, she could feel that the wands were quite old, and not very efficient any more. She was more determined than ever for them to open that school of magic. The husband, Starri, returned home just as Thora was taking her leave, and she caught a whiff of magic from him as well.

Gylfi and Thora discussed late into the night how and where to find a place for a school. Thora did not think Iceland would be a great place for it.
"We would be overrun," she said, "people here are still keeping to the old ways, albeit erratically and faultily. My visits to neighbours - and yours as well show us that that magic in Iceland had not died out. We need to build a school in a place where only the students can go, where we teachers can live, and where we can have a shelter for magic animals, some place near the sea would be nice - and not too cold either. I'm sure something will show up."
Gylfi went to the window and grasped the mullion firmly, shaking it gently he spoke: "I had imagined that this place would be our school of magic, but I see the wisdom in your words. When the Finnish twins return, we should travel through Sweden, Norway and Denmark to see if we can find a fitting place. You're right about the climate as well, It's too cold here, same as Greenland and the Faroes."
On this downcast note they called it a day and Thora left for her small cabin. Brúnleita awaited her hooted sharply and offered her a juicy rat. "No thanks, my dear," Thora said gently, ruffling the feathers between her small horns.  "I have already eaten tonight." Brúnleta hooted once, softly, swallowed the rat in one gulp and flew of to the tall tree where she normally slept.

14 kommentarer:

  1. This was so enchanting, fun, fun to read. And you used the prompts in order, impressive. Really enjoyed!

    1. Thanks a lot. Using the words in order has turned into a habit.

    2. PS. I tried commenting on your blog - it seems not to work, and I suspect the age old Blogger versus WordPress war.

    3. Using Blogger to reply I have to insert my url and name every time. You did come through on my WP, I'll know you by Mother Owl now. Or chk in here if you don't want to comment on mine at WP. Enough in our days. Lucky I managed translation too! And I can read yours over again! 🙌🤗

  2. It is testament to your skill than I rarely notice the prompts, but delve deep into the story. Thank you. So much.

    1. Thank you - I have seen other make the words stand out by using bold or italics, I do not care much for this as it hampers my flow. But I promise that the words are there, else I tell.

  3. I don't know why but the places you mentioned in these stories, I just had this imagine these people are practicing magic in a cold climate. I prefer it as I find summer just didn't seem like the right time for magic learning but perhaps since school is always in session during the colder season, I don't think I ever like the idea of school during the summer.

    Have a lovely day

    1. Winters here are dark, dreary and cold, I would not care to fly a broomstick through one of those days. Potions would be OK, but anything including out of doors and animals just have to happen in the summer. The school of magic will be in session during all holidays, with most happening during summer holidays.
      Our summer days are nice and long. Right now we have over 17 hours of daylight ;) with sunrise around 4.30 and sunset at 10. Temperatures are max 18, so great for school. In Juli and August we can have hotter days.
      In winter we have short, dark days, not even 7 hours of semi-dayligth. Remember I live north of New Foundland. Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland are even further north.

  4. Very magical story, we entered the environment, we heard we saw..
    Especially at the end when he swallows the rat, we shuddered!!
    I liked it very much!!
    Have a nice Weekend!

    1. Thank you so much! Owls swallowing whole rats are indeed a thing to make you shudder.
      I wish you the same.

  5. Oh and Charlotte, rats are turning out to be natural and war disaster beneficial first responders, they put cameras on them. Article from NPR if you're curious.

    1. Yes rats are smart, so no wonder you can use them. Thanks.

  6. I am enjoying "hearing" their thoughts and discussions about location and how to run the school. It's delightful and enjoyable and I do hope someday you publish a series of stories.


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