onsdag den 14. marts 2018

#RDG - 12

Day Twelve - Home

     This dome shaped greenhouse is home to my tomatoes and chillies in the summer. Today I made it ready for the coming summer, removing all the dead tomato and chilli plants from last year, weeding, and chucking out several slugs. I carefully displaced the worms and tried to let the woodlice alone.
     The place, we call home is not our home alone. My garden is home for me, the Writer, and four Owlets, but it's also home to 8 chicken, a zillion wild bees, some lizards, salamanders, frogs, toads, and various birds.
     And this time a year, as every year, I'm trying to tell some crows that this noisy (MotherOwl clapping her hands and making other noises) and dangerous (MotherOwl flapping her black ... t-shirt) place is not a suitable home for baby crows.
     I like to spend the ever increasing time between sunrise and the sounding of the alarm clock sleeping, not lying awake listening to mama and papa crow disciplining and educating the baby crows.

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