torsdag den 1. februar 2018

Back to the Classics - February


My January read: A classic that scares you. (Dr. Zhivago! by Boris Pasternak), is still scaring, or rather boring me. It is such a long time going anywhere, and the painstakingly correct transscription of the Russian names bother me. 
I am still scared by that book.
So much actually, that I began reading again. I read several other books, some of which could qualify for this challenge, some decidedly not.  Being either modern Sct-Fi, childrens' books or just pure time-sinks. 
Well not so good so far. The "Back to the Classics"- Challenge has sent me into the arms of modern or un-classic books.

But still the February die was thrown. I got an 8, meaning:

8. A classic with a single-word title.
- Odysseen (Οδύσσεια) by Homer. Time for a re-read. In Danish, not Greek.
- Gymnadenia by Sigrid Undset. Everybody knows Kristin Lavransdatter, but this one is maybe even better.

As I'm still struggling with Dr. Zhivago, I think I'll go for Gymnadenia, my only problem is that my copy of this book is in Norwegian ... Oh, well I think, I'm ready to tackle even this in order to avoid the Doctor.

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