søndag den 23. juli 2017

Dagens billede 23. juli

Today's Photos

     I dag var der nogle meget flotte blomster i grøftekanten ved vores busstoppested.

Today we saw some pretty flowers while waiting for the bus.

     Så kom de negative superhelte forbi. De kunne ikke finde noget affald, derfor kastede de deres skumle blik på de smukke blomster, men de er lige smukke, hvad vej farverne ende vender, så de negative superhelte pilede af igen.

Then the Negative Supers arrived.They did not find any trash nearby, and took a look at the pretty flowers instead. But the flowers remained pretty every way. The Negative Supers left in a hurry.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Beautiful flowers, although often regarded as weeds. The Cichorium intybus L. especially, its flowers are lovely.

    1. They sure are regarded as weeds here too, But I just love those blue flowers. Also the thistle is so pretty, and the bees need thistles, as these are the almost only plants flowering and giving nectar now.