tirsdag den 8. november 2016

Tusal 11

     Det var nymåne den 30. oktober. Det må være den, der gælder for  november. Det gik bare ikke op for mig, før Daffycat delte sine ender med os.
     Her er mine så:

30th October brought us the new moon for November. I did not remember until  Daffycat had her post up.
Here are my ORTS:  

Frynserne er der stadig fra sidst, men der er kommet lidt mere af det andet. Uglemor har strikket vanter til den kommende vinter

The fringes from last time are still there, but there's more of something else. MotherOwl has been knitting warm mittens for the coming winter.

Månedens farver/colours of the month:
Cinnoberrød/grå-grøn -- Vermilion / Gray-Green

4 kommentarer:

  1. What are you planning on doing with the fringes and why are they associated with new moon? I save mine to cut into small pieces and card into new wool for different bits of color in the yarn I spin.

    1. The association with the new moon stems from Daffycat's Totally Useles Stitch ALong. Follow the link in the navigation bar to the rigth (go down) or click her name in this post.
      I use the fringes, as all my ORTs for filler inside temari. My temari production has been paused, but I'm getting there again. The plan was to make one temari a month with the relevant colours, useing the ORTs from my bin to determine the size, but I'm still working at September's temari. And it is one of two or three getting further than the planning stage for nov.

    2. PS. the carding and spinnig of fringes for "colour soup" sounds great. When I get my spinnig further than ary yarn, colour soup is one thing I intend to try. I'll save any colourful fringes for that purpose.

    3. That is such a cute idea! I had no idea what a temari was, those are are lovely!