onsdag den 2. juli 2014

Blomsten igen -- This flower 2

     Ja, når man taler om solen, så skinner den, siger de gamle jo. Og når man blogger om blomster, springer de ud. I hvert fald var blomsten sprunget ud i morges efter at have været i knop en uges tid. Den dufter ikke særligt stærkt, men meget parfumeret hvis man stikker næsen helt ned til den.
     Er der nogen, der har et bud på, hvad den hedder? Didde har jo afsløret at det er en Hoya, men hvilken? Jeg har selv et bud, men er langtfra sikker.

Speak of the devil ... and blog about your flowers. This morning the buds have unfolded after almost a week in bud. It smells strongly like a sweet, heavy  perfume if you put your nose to the flowers. At a distance, there's no semll at all. 
Didde revealed the flower as belonging to the genus Hoya. Does anybody have a guess as to the species? I have a guess, but would like to hear other guesses before revealing my own. 

  • Her er så de udsprungne blomster
  • Here are the flowers, now unfolded ...

  • Sådan ser bladene ud
  • And the leaves

5 kommentarer:

  1. Uglemor,

    Oh my! The flowers are beautiful! They still look a bit unreal as if they've been pressed out of rolled out fondant icing with a cookie cutter! I won't even try guessing what they are. I shall wait to read your thoughts.

    I can see your birthday table through the window!

    1. Fondant - yes exactly. That was what was in the back of my mind. I hope to get a more qualified guess befor saying what I think.
      You have good eyes. Yes "my" table is out there.

  2. Hoya carnosa, wax plant
    I had one years ago and it emmitted strong sweet scent in the evening so that the whole living room was filled with it.

    1. Yes that was my first guess as well. This is an old plant, hence Hoya carnosa. But the smell. It has me baffled, as my plant does not smell - that is on a distance of 10 cm or less you can smell it sligthly. If you want to really appreciate the smell, you have to put your nose into the flowers. I think maybe it's a cross with another specie.
      The flowers are also pinkish, which is not obvious from my pictures.

  3. It is a Hoya carnosa, but a very non-smelling variety. I think ther may be some Hoya pubicalyx somewhere in the ancestry.


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