søndag den 17. februar 2013

Dagens billede 17 -- Picture a Day 17

     Syltetøjspanorama. Minimax og Uglemor fik sat alle syltetøjsglassene fra Uglemors projektrum op på kanten. Uglemor har også tørret de tømte hylder af i projektrummet og er ved at sortere alle de tomme syltetøjsgas - der skal helt sikkert også smides noget ud. Selvom Uglemor altid siger at hvis noget bliver smidt ud i dag, så får vi brug for netop dette inden der er gået en uge.
     Dagens øvrige oplevelser var at spille AD&D-eventyret færdigt, slå op, og trævle op, og slå op igen med det bolchefarvede garn. Nu bliver det vistnok godt ;)

 - - - - -

Panoramic view of all our jam. Minimax and MotherOwl emptied the shelves in MotherOwls room and put all the jam back on the self. MotherOwl cleaned the shelves and started sorting all the many, many empty glasses. Some are to be thrown out, but MotherOwl do not like this, as she is sure she will need that exact glass within a fortnight after committing it to the ever hungry maws of the recycling bin.

The rest of the day was spent playing our AD&D winter holiday module to an end, and MotherOwl cast on, knitted, frogged, cast on and knit again with the candy coloured yarn. A few breaks have happened, but now the result seems promising.

  • Syltetøjspanorama sat sammen af to billeder. Kanten er altså lige i virkeligheden. 
  • Panoramic jam. MotherOwl combined two pictures, the edge is straight in real life. 

2 kommentarer:

  1. Uglemor,

    I am impressed by all your jam jars! They look so good. I bet the jam tastes delicious.

    I once bought boxes and boxes of old glass preserving jars of all different sizes. I had great plans to fill them all, but unlike you, I am hopeless at doing such things. Eventually I gave all the jars away though every now and then I regret it. Jars always come in handy. We do have a few left which the girls decorated with glass paints. We use them as vases or pen holders.

    God bless!

    1. Sue Elvis,
      We have two great incentives for making jam. One I like to know what's in my jam, berries, sugar and maybe spices or Rhum for my pirate's blackcurrant jam. Second. Jam the way I like it (preferably organic) is expensive, and we all like jam on our bread, pancakes and Belgian waffles. All the jam in the picture will be eaten in June, when I start making strawberry jam. There's no more of that left already even if I supplemented our own berries with bought ones. What's left is raspberry jam and plum preserve and elderberry juice for soup. And 5 glasses of our own honey. They won't last, but I know a beekeeper that makes a honey to compare with my own.

      Jam jars always come in handy, I save all our jars, and they're used for almost everything That's why I save those lidless ones as well.