søndag den 30. marts 2014

29 - Dagens forårsbilleder -- 29th -- Spring Pictures of the Day

Der er travlhed i Uglebo. Men vi glemmer at tage billeder. Derfor bare to skønne foårsbilleder - hvis man kigger nøje efter på det nederste billede, er der hele tre mariehøner, der krvler omkring.

 - - - - -

Busy days in the Owlery. And we forget to take photos. But there two spring pichures wille have to marke up for it. A close look at the downmost will let you find 3 ladybirds. 

2 kommentarer:

  1. Uglemor,

    I love ladybirds! Sometimes they cling to our washing while it's drying in the sun. When we bring the clothes inside and fold them, we have to remove the ladybirds and take them back outside. Are they sitting on strawberry plants?

    1. I love ladybirds too, and yes, they're sitting on strawberry plants, wild strawberries or wood strawberries, whih has rateher small, perfumed brries. We have garden strawberries as well, but they're only just starting to grow now.
      Sometimes we have ladybug invasions, That's not as nice, they can, and do, bite. It hurts amazingly much for such a tiny beauty, hurting the more for being totally unexpected.