torsdag den 27. marts 2014

27. Strimler -- 27th Rags!

    For at væve videre, måtte jeg hive dynebetræk i strimler igen, så meget af min dag har set sådan ud. Hvert nøgle er en strimmel, kun ikke det mindste, det er nemlig hele to. Det knak!

 - - - -

In order to go on weaving, I had to tear old covers into strips. My day - or a part of it - looked like this. The balls are a strip each, except the smallest - it is two strips. Urgh it broke.

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  1. Uglemor,

    A few years ago, I made a lot of rag balls from some old clothing I no longer wanted. The girls then used the strips to make plaited rag rugs. I never thought about weaving with rags. I will be interested to see your finished project! Lots of different coloured rag balls look fabulous when displayed in a basket. I can imagine you having something like that on your shelf.

    1. Rag rugs are a Nordic thing, I think. And I make all the strips as I go. So far I've been using only bed linens for strips. I might expand into old clothing, even if it tends to get worn out with 5 sons ;) Your colourful strip balls sound like a good thing to exhibit. This fall I have planned to join a handcrafting show in our "Weavers' Guild" I might prepare such a basket, old sheets, a pair of scissors and my loom. Then people could have a go at making strips and weaving.