onsdag den 15. januar 2014


Jeg har lige slået kodefunktionen for beskeder til. Egentlig synes jeg at det er superirriterende, men jeg har fået 50 kommentarer fra spammere siden midnat. Jeg fjerner det igen senere.

I just activated that nuisance prove you're not a robot step when adding a comment. I think it's a P.I.T.A, but I've had 50 spam-comments since midnight. This function will be removed when the tempest is over.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Uglemor,

    I don't allow any anonymous comments on my blogs. Some spammers still get around this by using a Google account but it does reduce the number to a manageable level. Sorry you had so much spam to deal with. Now to prove I'm not a robot...

  2. Can you disable anonymous comments? I'lm trying to do so.
    What I do not understand is why my post: "Blackie the Cat" is the one all those spammers are looking at. This post alone has had 2.879 wievs today. Yesterday it was 6.975.
    ... and we can conclude that Sue Elvis is not a robot ;)