lørdag den 18. januar 2014

Jeg kunne have scoret kassen -- I could have earned a fortune.

Hvis jeg havde været fræk, havde jeg sagt ja tak til reklamer på min blog, da robotterne begyndte at spamme mig. Jeg får mellem 500 og 100 hits om dagen, jeg kunne jo have tjent en mindre formue. Menærligt talt, hellere ingen reklamer, og ingen uærligt tjente penge.

  - - - - - 

It was in these days I should have added ads on my page. Round 600-1000 hits a day - I would have earned a smallish fortune ;) But honestly, I would not have been able to use it in good conscience, plus I don't want ads on my blog. So no, not going to happen.

4 kommentarer:

  1. Uglemor,

    I'd hate ads on my blog too! I get a lot of page views from vampirestats. I think a lot of people do. It's a nuisance but what can we do? At least my blog appears successful because of all their page views!

    1. Vampirestats is not even the guilty part, they/it has only referred a measly 54 of all the 11,000+ that has been visiting me the last week. I don't know which quirk has made every spambot in the blogsphere cast its hungry eyes upon me.
      I got many incoherent comments, seemingly written by copy-pasting from a handbook on how to write a businessletter, from people selling quack medicines with strange names, promising me peace of mind with their special tecniques, or who would wisk away all my econoomical worries in exchange for a small investment. Maybe I should have sampled some of the wares. Then I would now be a perfectly healthy, serene, and rich person .. or maybe not.

  2. I totally support you in your not using ads on your blog!