tirsdag den 27. januar 2015

Vejen hjem --4 -- On my Way Home

     I dag har dagningen indhentet os. Solen står op 8.18, billedet er taget 7.44. Der er små rester af søndagens snefald hvis man kigger godt efter.
 - - - - -
Today dawn has arrived. The Sun rises at 8.18 am, this picture was taken at 7.44 am. Still traces of Sunday's snowfall is to be seen behind the trees in the shadows. 

  • Hope of Deliverance from the Darkness that Surrounds us.( Paul McCartney, 1992 )
  • Håb om udfrielse af det mørke, der omgiver os

2 kommentarer:

  1. Uglemor,

    This is such an interesting photography project. I just went back and looked at each of your 'On My Way Home' posts in order, and the changes are obvious. Soon that street lamp will no longer be lit up. You must be looking forward to the longer days and summer.

    I have just realised our days are getting shorter. We still have one more month of summer but it's been cool and wet for the past few days, and this turns our thoughts to the coming change of seasons. I don't know if I want our warm days to end!

    1. Yes soon. Im longing fr the stret lamps to be put out. We always celebrate the day it happens while we're on our way to the bus stop.
      Rigth now a change of weather would be welcome. Either warmer of colder, it's wet and muddy, all the paddys around here are turning into a bottomles mire, the horses, cows and goats - and pepole looking after them - are very unhappy.
      Shorter days coming your way. It's always melancoly to say good bye to sumer. And I understand your feelings. I hope you have not had that many bush fires this summer. And hope for a warm and glorious Autumn for you.


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