torsdag den 6. december 2012

Billeddagbog -- Picture Diary

Søndag 2. december --  Sunday, December 2nd

  • Parat til advent. Hm ikke så charmerende med plasticposer og en papkasse fra Irma. Men det virker.
  • Ready for advent. Not that charming with plastic bags and a carton from the local supermarket. But it works
  • Piraten fyldte 7. Læg mærke til piratlyset.
  • Pirate is seven. Notice the pirate candle.

  • Det havde sneet om natten, så snefnuggene fra den grønne pose blev hængt i 1. søndag i advents firkant. Minimax holder det op. 
  • We had snow in the night. In the place for 1st Sunday of advent, we hung the snowflakes from the green bag. Minimax is showing us how pretty they are. 



Mandag 3. december -- Monday December 3rd

  • Solopgang mandag morgen. Skribenten var taget på konference, så Uglemor og Ugleungerne var alene hjemme.
  • Sunrise Monday morning.  The Writer had left for a Convention, so MotherOwl and the Owlets were alone.

 Tirsdag 4- december  --  Tuesday 4th

  • Vidunderlig solnedgang. Piraten var hjemme fra skole med ondt i halsen, og vi lærte om "N".
  • Wonderful sunset. The Pirate was home with a cold, and we studied the letter "N"

Onsdag 5. december --  Wednesday December 5th. 

  • Japansk-dansk fusionsmad. Blomkålssuppe, kød med porrer i japansk sovs.
  • Japanese-Danish fusion food. Cauliflower soup, meat and leek in Japanese sauce.  
  • Fodspor i sneen - Skribenten er hjemme igen. 
  • Footsteps in the snow -- the Writer is home again. 

 Torsdag 6. december  --  Thursday December 6th

  • Sankt Nicolaus' dag. Billederne til mønter og kort kommer fra Happy Saints. Oversat og manipuleret af Uglemor. 
  • St. Nicholas' day. Pictures for coins and prayer cards from Happy Saints. Translated and modified by MotherOwl. 

3 kommentarer:

  1. Uglemor,

    The snow is so beautiful! We see so many Christmas cards with snow scenes complete with snowmen. It seems very odd to us. But it looks like you really will have a white Christmas!

    God bless.

  2. I am always hoping for a white Christmas. It is fun to play in, beautify the surroundings and light up our days. With a day length of only 7 hours in December, it is half dark and quite depressing if there's no snow. On the other hand we have the "bright nights" in Summer, where the Sun rises early, sets late and never far below the horizon, so that it does not go quite dark, rather a sort of very dark twilight. We have a bit more than 17 hours of daylight in Summer.
    How long are your days in summer and winter, and do you never get any snow. I think I'm almost as ignorant of the climate where you live, and Australia is a big place ;)

    1. Uglemor,

      Our days and nights are very different from yours. We get about 10 hours of daylight in the middle of winter, and about 15 hours in the middle of summer. Not such extreme differences as you experience.

      Where we live we might get a sprinkling of snow in a very cold winter. I can only remember snow settling on the ground twice. It all melted after a few hours. Yes, Australia is a very big place so there are differences depending on the location. We do have snowfields further south, which is a big tourist attraction in winter for the ski season. However, if the season isn't good, the snow is supplemented with man made snow.

      I love swapping questions and answers with you, Uglemor!

      God bless.