onsdag den 3. januar 2018

Words for Wednesday - 3. januar

-- Onsdagsord

The January host for Words for Wednesday is Cindi at Letting the Words Escape.

She says: "Welcome to the New Year and a new year of Wednesdays!  This month each week's prompts will come from events (past and present) on the calendar this week ...

1. Resolution
2. Niece
3. Sweet
4. Celebration
5. Elvis
6. Golden


1. Snow
2. Summer
3. Typewriter
4. Edmund
5. Sarcophagus
6. France"

I went with the second set of prompts:

Edmund sat typing out his adventures on his uncle Digory's old typewriter, Electricity was not a part of the life at Cair Paravel.
He gazed out of the window, where the seeming endless summer rain fell. Edmunds thougths went astray, to the days spent in France, visiting the sarcophagus of Ogier the Danois in far away, Meaux.
"Oh, no, not her again!" Edmund exclaimed, as the summer rain turned first to sleet, then to snow.
He jumped up and called for his siblings. There was work to be done.

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  1. Love it. And as we swelter in the summer heat I would really, really like some snow.