torsdag den 25. januar 2018

Words for Wednesday -- 24 January

Once more late to the party. Here's my story.
The Words for Wednesday in January will be found at Letting the Words Escape. Today's (or rather this Wednesday's) words are:

1 frisbee
2 baseball
3 Winston
4 truce
5 Studebaker
6 diamond


1 vanish
2 message
3 Tokyo
4 Wanda
5 twist
6 maim

Instead of playing baseball or frisbee with his friends, he had a secret passion for old, historical movies. He loved watching the news reels from old movie theatres. He had witnessed how Winston Churchill acted to arrive at a truce, he had watched Bonnie and Clyde climb in and out of Studebakers, diamonds glittering from fingers, pins and hair.

He felt the dreariness and inadequacy of modern times almost as a physical thing, and more than once he wished he'd been born a century earlier.

One day he had had enough. He felt maimed and hurt by the television and the internet. All they ever shoved him, was the decadent and informal bustle of a world going to hell in a handbasket. He left a note for Wanda, the old cleaning lady, her mother had made him hire for his apartment when he left home. With a twist of his hand, he threw the key into the river and boarded the next plane for Tokyo. He just had to vanish for a time. Hopefully the Japanese with their penchant for forms and etiquette could help him readjust to the world of the living.

2 kommentarer:

  1. excellent story and use of the prompts!

  2. " He felt maimed and hurt by the television and the internet."
    Marvelous! I really enjoy reading what you do with the prompts.