onsdag den 10. januar 2018

Words for Wednesday --10 January

-- Onsdagsord 

The Words for Wednesday in January will be found at Letting the Words Escape. Today's words are:




Wyatt was an extraordinary pianist, he was the best yet seen, or rather heard. But he was a frustrated man. He had one dream; his one dream was to become a king, and this was an almost impossible dream for an ordinary man, even if he was the best piano player ever.
He had to win half the kingdom and the princess's hand in marriage for this dream to come true.

One day, while playing the piano at an elegant Swiss skiing resort, he went skiing with the guests. On their way through a narrow canyon their peals of laughter set off an avalanche. Wyatt called to everybody not to try and run away, but flee diagonally from the path of the avalanche. His quick wits saved everybody, among those the princess of a small kingdom. They fell in love while trying to get warm sitting at the fireplace after their ordeal, and thus Wyatt became a king of one of the smallest kingdoms on Earth.

Wyatt and his soon to be bride -- the princess Ariane -- threw a gigantic farewell party before leaving the skiing resort. Everybody had pie and champagne, and Wyatt played his very best, even improvising jazz tunes on the piano late in the night. Then next day they were underway, loaded with well wishes and gift. That many gift, that only the princess' supreme skills learnt from her father the King's packers in her youth allowed the plane to bring all their gifts and luggage and themselves, narrowly avoiding a crash from the overload.

4 kommentarer:

  1. I do love a happy ending. I really liked that your princess was resourceful too. So often only the hero has intelligence. Another wonderful use of the prompts.

  2. Tkank you for your kind words. Yes I like happy endings, too - and I like everybody to use their talents to achieve this end ;)