tirsdag den 14. april 2015

Vejen hjem -- 15 -- On my Way Home

     Endnu engang er tirsdag morgen grå og overskyet efter nogle vidunderlige dage. Gad vide hvad der er med tirsdage? Der er mig bekendt heller ikke nogen sange, der handler om tirsdage.Det eneste, der falder mig ind efter at have vredet hjerne er Kaj og Andreas Tirsdagsvers fra Ugesangen

Once again a grey and cloudy Tuesday with a promise of rain later. I wonder what it is with Tuesdays? I do not know any Danish songs or poems abut Tuesdays. Just this part of a "Song of the Week" by Kaj and Andrea. And the only English one, that comes to my mind is Tuesday Afternoon and that's neither here nor there on a grey Tuesday morning.

14. marts 20015

Tyve torsk til tirsdag, tænker tretten traner
tyve torsk til tretten trætte traner.
Traner tænker tem'lig tumpet tirsdag.

This is a word for word translation of the Danish text. I can't find a way to make all the words start with a T-sound.
Twenty cods for Tuesday, Thoughts of thirteen cranes.
Twenty cods for thirteen tired cranes.
Cranes are thinking somewhat stupid Tuesday.

Kaj and Andrea were two puppets in a TV-program for children in the 1970s, they were very popular, and all the songs are still sung by preschoolers in Denmark.

Andrea, the charming, cautious  parrot

and Kaj, the jazz-loving boisterous frog.

Solopgang/solnedgang: 6:11/20:12, dagens længde 14:01, tiltaget 7:11

3 kommentarer:

  1. Uglemor,

    After seeing this view in many different photos, I'm now wondering what's around the bend in the road. Is that a house to the right of the picture? Which direction do you travel to get home? It's a bit like hearing the start of a story and wanting to know more!

    1. I laways take the picture on my way home, facing home. I'm halfways between the busstop and our house, which is not far beyond the bend. We live in a very small village with approxcimately 20 houses.
      Thia time a car passed by as I took the picture. The pictures with cars do not normally makle it to my blog, but the alternative ones were blurred or darkish.
      On the hill behind the trees to the left are two farms - family-sized both of them. Tth one nearest to the road is owned by an industrious farmer. He drives by our house several times a day in a tractor or some such vehicle.

    2. Uglemor,

      Thank you for describing your village. It is very small! Although we also live in a village, there are more than 20 houses in our road alone. It sounds like you live in a very beautiful and peaceful place.