tirsdag den 25. februar 2014

Bier -- Bees

     Som billedet her antyder, har jeg aflagt mine bier forårets første besøg. Der var liv i begge familierne. JUHU! Og de fik hver en lille sjat tyndt sukkervand. Måske er det ikke nødvendigt, men hvis der kommer en kold periode, vil lidt ekstra foden måske være lige det, der gør at de overlever.Bierne har været ude og flyve de forgangne lune dage, men alle de skønne erantis i hvarene giver kun pollen til yngelfoder, ikke nektar til de voksne bier.

As this photo shows, I've been vistting my bees for the first time this year. Both families were alive YEAH! I gave them a thin sugar solution, in the hope that they'll still be alive when Spring comes around in earnest. Right now it's like Spring outside, blue skies, sunny, about 10 degrees, but windy. The bees have been out looking for food the last couple of days, but all they can find now is eranthis, which give only pollen, not nectar.

3 kommentarer:

  1. Uglemor,

    You must be looking forward to spring and the longer and warmer days. Our summer ends on Friday though the weather may still remain very warm for some time yet. I've noticed our mornings are starting to get darker. If I tell you it's not starting to get light until about 6.15 am you will laugh and wonder what I'm complaining about!

  2. Oh, I understand your complaining. Every summer when the days start to grow shorter, I grumble and complain a lot. Today is foggy, at least rigth now, an hour after sunrise, but the Sun is lurking behind the fog, and we cheer him on. I think your winter is about as hot as our summer in mean temperatures at least: 20 degrees in the daytime and 10 during the nigth. But I must say that with all your racing and running, that a lowering of the tempertaures must be welcome.

  3. Uglemor,

    We run about 6.30 am, before breakfast in the summer because of the heat. Yes, when the temperature starts to fall a little we will be able to run during the day. I like running about 9 am and then coming home for morning tea. I guess I am looking forward to that as the season changes!

    Our winter is a lot cooler than Sydney's. The temperature can get down to freezing overnight or close to freezing. During the day our average winter temperature is about 11 or 12 degrees. We have strong winds which can make the day feel even colder. Nothing to complain about though because we don't get snow like you do. Our winter temperatures must sound rather balmy to you!