tirsdag den 17. april 2018

April TUSAL?

     I går vr det nymåne. Uglemor lagde sin ende (ja kun én) dekorativt på sin pude. Uglemors ærme fangede den temari, der lå på bordet, den faldt ned, og hev puden, tråden og en masse knappemnåle med sig i sit fald.
     Uglemor samlede det hele op, også knappenålene (av!) og lagde det hele på puden.
- o 😞🙈  o -

Yesterday was the new Moon. MotherOwl found her ORT (yes singular),  placed it decoratively on the pillow, and accidentally caugth the temari with her sleeve, It fell to the floor, pulling pillow, thread, and pins with it in one crafty avalanche.
MotherOwl scooped up the thread with pins (ouch) and despondently placed it all on the pillow.

Her er rodet:     Here's the mess.


6 kommentarer:

  1. Whoops! It made a pretty artful mess!

  2. Oh no! Guess your one ort wanted company. :(

    1. This is indeed the most possible explanation.

  3. A happy ending ..... for it looks a very pretty mess!
    Barbara xx
    I’ve just posted my TUSAL, I hope you will visit me.