14. december 2017

Words for Wednesday. A newfound challenge

-- Onsdagsord.

Another fun challenge. This time a less long-time one: Words for Wednesday.

I copy from the post at Elephant's child: 

"Each week we are given a choice of prompts: which can be words, phrases, music or an image. What we do with those prompts is up to us: a short story, prose, a song, a poem, or treating them with ignore... We can use some or all of the prompts. "


"Some of us put our creation in comments on the post, and others post on their own blog. I would really like it if as many people as possible joined into this fun meme, which includes cheering on the other participants. If you are posting on your own blog - let me know so that I, and other participants, can come along and applaud."

This week's prompts are: The show must go on and /or The straw that broke the Camel’s back.

That last one made it go clik inside my head and a poem came forth:

The straw that broke the Camel’s back.
Is the one straw that in the sack
Is the last straw to enter.
But baby Jesus in the straw
Holds up His hand and filled with awe
The camel kneels off center.
Thus it is Christmas once again
And Camel can forget his pain.

🐪 ❖ 🐪 ❖ 🐪 ❖ 🐪

Ovre hos Elephant's Child får man hver onsdag nogle ord at gumle på. Det kan der så komme meget sjov ud af. En kort tekst, et digt eller lignende.

Denne onsdags ord er:  The show must go on og/eller The straw that broke the Camel’s back.

Uglemor blev inspireret af det sidste ord og skrev straks et sært digt på engelsk. En dansk oversættelse blev det ikke til, men her er et der ligner lidt:

Det strå, der var det sidste strå,
fik Jesus til at ligge på
da Han var barn i stalden.
Han strakte hånden frem og se,
kamelen  den faldt ned på knæ,
og glemte verdens kalden.

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  1. I loved your poem and am so glad you joined us. I hope you will again.