tirsdag den 19. december 2017

Words for Wednesday 20. December

-- Onsdagsord

Although it's still Tuesday here, it is Wednesday in Australia, where Elephant's Child is hosting Words for Wednesday.
Well not so many words exactly this time. Two haunting photos to spur us along.

I hope copying the photos - taken by Bill - for this purpose, is OK. If not, please, tell me so.

This strange story sprang up in my mind.

Jailhouse Rock ... this haunting tune was written while I sat incarcerated in Castle Rock City Jail. My crime was a petty one. I had been hunting crows with my old blunderbuss.

I fell into a ditch, and broke my glasses. A bit later, I saw something black among the bushes, thinking it was one of those bloody crows, I pulled the trigger, only to realize - even before the hails had hit, that it was the priest having a pee. He survived the shot, but was unable to sit for a long, long time.

I was convicted, and put into Castle Rock City Jail. I served my time, listening to Jailhouse Rock, and decided, that I too would become a famous guitar player. Well, I never did get famous, but I've earned my honest living as a guitarist in many a good rock band ever since.

Now I'm old, waiting for death in a room not unlike the prison cell back then. And I'm looking at a painting in my room. Oh, the irony. It depicts an old crow in a sunlit field. Eyes half closed and its beak into the wind.

I feel a sense of unity with this old crow. Soon, very soon, I'll stretch my wings and fly into the sunlight.

5 kommentarer:

  1. I am so glad that you joined us again. And love your tale. I am laughing (bad of me) at the priest's misfortune, and hope that your character can indeed fly free. Soon.
    And I really like that you linked back to Bill - who takes some incredible photos.

  2. Marvelous little tale! I used to belong to a group that had a weekly writing challenge and could never understand why they didn't use pictures as the prompt more often - I find an interesting photo can really get creativity going. Obviously these two pictures sent you off quite well!