torsdag den 8. november 2012

Høns i fri dressur - Hens running wild

For nogle dage siden var hønsene igen ude og løbe rundt - der er sket med alt for jævne mellemrum lige siden. Dagen efter skete det samme. Så reparerede Uglemor nok engang lågen, og Spirillen viste Uglemor hvor hullet i hønsenettet var denne gang. Derefter blev vi enige om at eftersom hønsene holder meget af at være ude, og vi ikke så meget på denne årstid, så skulle de nok have lov til at løbe rundt i haven. Så nu er det Uglemors pligt at lukke hønsene ud i haven hver formiddag, når de med rimelighed kan forventes at have lagt deres æg, og Minimax lukker dem inde igen hver aften.

Vi er alle glade. Ugleungerne fordi de ikke skal indfange høns i tide og utide, Uglemor fordi hun ikke skal reparere lågen og hegnet en gang om ugen eller mere og hønsene fordi de endelig kan kratte i bedene og nippe af græsset.

 - - - - -

Some days ago all the hens had once again escaped. This, but not the dramatic part of it, has been happening with depressing regularity ever since. Next day all seven hens were once again somewhere in the garden instead of in their designated place. MotherOwl once again repaired the door, and Marsupilami showed MotherOwl the hole thorough which he just saw another hen escaping. It was repaired as well.

Then we agreed that now it is starting to become cold, dark, and rainy outside, the Owlets do not enjoy being in the garden so much. The hens did not seem to agree, so now MotherOwl has had an extra chore added to her list: Let out the hens to roam freely in the garden when they had had time to lay their egg. And Minimax is not only supposed to get the eggs, but also, with help from scraps from the kitchen pen up the hens for the night.

This seems to work so far. Everybody is happy. MotherOwl do not have to mend holes or doors once or even twice a week, the Owlets do not have to hunt for hens whenever they decide to run away, and of course the hens are happy as well, they eat from the grass and scratch in the flower beds.

  • Hul i hegnet
  • The hole through which the hens escaped. 
  • Glade høns på fri fod
  • Happy hens in the garden

  • Nu står døren åben
  • The door is open

  • De nyder livet i flok
  • Enjoying life and freedom

2 kommentarer:

  1. Uglemor,

    We've never had hens but we looked after our neighbours' hens when they went away on holiday. The hens were allowed to roam free during the day. As soon as dusk fell, they all headed for their house. It was so easy locking them up for the night. We just found them all perched in a line, and we closed the gate.

    Sadly the hens met with misfortune. A fox got into the hen house and that was the end of them all. Do you have to worry about such things? Do you have foxes in Denmark? Here in Australia, foxes are an imported menace.

    It must be getting very cold at your place.

    God bless!

  2. Sue Elvis, Yes we do have foxes in Denmark, althoug a disease some years ago lessened their number to a gretat extent. Some years ago our hens was eaten by a fox, too. The fox even ate the porcellain egg, I placed in the box to teach the hens where to lay their egg. I hope it gave the fox a serious stomach ache. The children were of course sorry for the hens, but thougth taht the stomach aghe was a fitting punishment for the fox.
    I just (7 p.m.) returned from Copenhagen book fair and had to send out Minimax to close up for the night, it's his chore, but he forgot to do it. It was already pitch dark as the Sun sets at a quarter past 4, and the hens sat nicely on their perch as every night. It is dark, but not so cold here in the winter temperatures are still around 10 C. And you are heading for hotter days now. It must be nice.