torsdag den 28. juni 2018

Classic Challenge - De grønne skyggers dal

A classic with a colour in the title

As a part of the Back to the Classics-challenge, I saved my Christmas gift De grønne skyggers dal (The Valley of Green Shadows - Entering the Challenge in the "Colour in the Title-category") by Poul Nørgaard until January 1st. But writing about it almost took longer than reading the book.

It is written in 1946, by a Danish farmer and writer born in 1899. He is mostly known for a series of books for girls (which I've never read).
     De grønne skyggers dal tells the story of 3 friends, Peter, Philip and "The Professor" who after Peter's finding an old document travels to Tibet to find a far avay monastery where the monks seem to have found the fountain of youth.
     It is a book sritten for children, but the characters are three dimensional, and loveable. The story is fascinating, involving intruigues, drama and excitement. The ending is refreshingly untraditional. Some tecnicalities on flying may be obsolete; to me they were plain boring, but quickly done with. It is a book, I'd let my children read any day.

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