tirsdag den 19. maj 2015

Vejen hjem -- 20 -- On my Way Home

     I dag var morgenen skøn og smuk, nærmest lysende.Uglemor har travlt. Så sangen om bondemanden fra Kaj og Andrea farer rundt i luften.

Today the morning was almost lumonous. MotherOwl is busy, and a song from her childhood, when songs were innocent and a bit naïve runs inside her head. It's once again from the childrens' show Kaj & Andrea.

Bondemanden han har altid travlt på sin bondegård.
Hver gang han vil ta ' et lille hvil er der tusind ting at gøre.

Køerne skal malkes, så vi kan få smør og mælk.
Hønsene skal passes, så vi kan få mange æg.
     Bondemanden han har altid travlt ...

Grisene skal fodres, så vi kan få dejligt kød.
Kornet det skal høstes, så vi kan få mel og brød.
     Bondemanden han har altid travlt ...

Fårene skal klippes, så vi kan få trøje på.
Traktoren skal smøres, så den ikke går i stå.
     Bondemanden han har altid travlt ...

          - o O o -

See the farmer, busy as a bee on his farm each day
Every time he needs a little break, there's one thousand things to do

Cows in need of milking so we can have milk and cheese
The chickens need their feed for to give us many eggs
     See the farmer, busy as a bee ...

Hungry pigs needs feeding to give us tasy meat
Grains are to be harvested to give us flour and bread
     See the farmer, busy as a bee ...

Sheep are to be shorn to make sweates for us all
Tractor wants some oiling for to drive on through the fields.
     See the farmer, busy as a bee ...

Tekst: Gunvor Bjerre

3 kommentarer:

  1. Uglemor,

    What a beautiful scene! The only thing missing from your photo is a blue sky. Has it been raining? The rain would be good for the garden. Yes, I imagine it's a busy time of year with everything growing.

    The trees are covered in lichen (like many of ours). This made me wonder if you have tried making dyes from lichen. I was reading about this the other day. I can imagine you experimenting with wool and lichen and then knitting something absolutely wonderful!

    1. Why, I don't know, but it seems a general rule that Tuesday mornings come with rain in this part of the world. Only once since I began this serial have we had a Tuesday with clear skies. This Tuesday rain, and hail, came later. Som sunshine would be so good for the garden, and for me, rigth now.
      Lichen. Yes I tried dyes from lichen (Xanthoria parietina), it was a glorious failure ;) The concoction - you have to let the lichen steep in ammonia for 4-6 months first. I wrote about this part - looked red and pretty. The yarn was a spotty, uneven khaki brown-beige hue. It has gone in the overdye bin, and I never wrote about it until now.
      Autumn is on its way in your part of the world now, is it very cold or still tolerable?

    2. Uglemor,

      We are getting to the end of autumn and the weather is still mild. I think you would describe it as warm though we are now using our gas heater! You are much tougher than us!