torsdag den 15. august 2013

Lille Løve -- The little Lion

Så er Uglemor også en Uglemormor. I tirsdags fødte Storesøster en skøn lille dreng: Lille Løve. 

Now MotherOwl is a GrannyOwl. Tuesday afternoon Big Sis gave birth to a wonderful boy: The littleLion.

  • Her er han så knap et døgn gammel. De mange hænder tilhører Uglemor og Ugleungerne. Han var så nuttet, at vi ikke kunne hiolde fingrene væk. 
  •  Here he is, The little Lion, almost 24 hours old. All the other hands belong to the Owlets and MotherOwl, he was so cute, we simply could not keep our hands away.

4 kommentarer:

  1. Aaaah, new life!
    Is this your first granchild?
    My youngest grandchildren are twin boys Bine and Jakob, born six weeks ago. They have a brother who is not yet two, and three boy cousins.

    1. Yes it's my first grandchild. My oldest (and only daugther) of six cildren is the proud mother. It requires some getting used to being a grandmother, as my youngest is only 7 :) But he's so cute, I think I can handle it.
      Yours seem a prolific family.

  2. Congrats, and be a proud grandma! And consider that your younger children might not like the idea so much so be proud on the convenient occasions.

  3. Uglemor,

    Little Lion is gorgeous! I wish I could touch his soft skin too. I hope your daughter is recovering well from the birth. Enjoy your little grandson!