fredag den 19. august 2022

Words for Wednesday -- A Small Start

The next few days will be busy in the Owlery, I am not very far with the story, ideas are slowly emerging, and somewhen writing will happen too. But for now this is all I have done. I promise more to come eventually.
I did not use any of EC's Australian expressions so far ...

Pull the wool over his eyes
Put a sock in it
Dog's breakfast
Gone walkabout
Six of one, half a dozen of the other
Tell him he's dreaming

After lunch the visitors arrived, suddenly strangely clad persons stood in the bleak sunlight between the big bales in the yard.
Jon rose. "Now, my dear apprentices," he said loudly, the voice enhancing spell was not necessary, as everybody hang at his lips, "now the visitors have arrived. They come from the countries you have been examining and learning about in the last two days. Please gather in your groups and say hello to the witches and wizards from your country. First, from Brazil, Juana and Bruno Cardoso" the blue team jumped up and greeted the scantily dressed pair, whereupon they and Täthi and Taavi disappeared in direction teacher's living rooms. "I hope they find something warmer to wear," Jon said half smiling. He turned toward the door again. Next, Atreju and Uma Luzt  from Switzerland, Welcome." The yellow team got up, greeted the pair and they left with Matine and ML.
Jon spoke again: "And the next pair hails from Japan, Ume and Akito Matsumoto." The purple team bowed and the Matsumotos answered in kind and followed the apprentices, Torben and Birgitta out through the barn doors.
"And last but not least," Jon said. "G'day to Esther and Berny Drumley from Australia." Susan and the rest of the green apprentices rose and said "G'day" in unison. The two Australians smiled, they too were dressed inadequately for Danish winter chills, and soon drew their wands to shelter themselves from the frigid temperatures in the barn.
Then they followed the green team and Thora and Gilvi up the stairs to the green room.

onsdag den 17. august 2022

Words for Wednesday -- The Words and Musings

This meme was started by Delores a long time ago.  Troubles led her to bow out, but the meme was too much fun to let go, and now Words for Wednesday is provided by a number of people and has become a movable feast with Elephant's Child as our coordinator.

  Essentially the aim of this meme is to encourage us to write.  Each week we are given some prompts. These prompts can be words, phrases, music or images.
  What we do with those prompts is up to us: a short story, prose, a song, a poem, or treating them with ignore ...
  We can use some or all of the prompts, and mixing and matching is encouraged.

  Some of us put our creation in comments on the post, and others post on their own blog. This fun meme includes cheering on the other participants.
  And the more the merrier goes here as well, so if you are posting on your own blog then please tell us in the comments, so that all other participants, can come along and applaud.

For this Wednesday Elephant's Child has given us some typically Australian phrases/slang. The first thing that hit me was how similar some of them are to the corresponding Danish phrases.

Pull the wool over his eyes - Putte blår i øjnene på nogen - Put flax tow in somebody's eyes
Put a sock in it -
Dog's breakfast -
Gone walkabout - Er smuttet - Has left (for a walk).
Six of one, half a dozen of the other -
Tell him he's dreaming - du drømmer! - You're dreaming!

I do not think I'll be able to continue Susan and Heidi's adventures into Aunt Jemima's old garden with these expressions - they just do not fit. But maybe I could make an extra chapter to the mysterious Australia-map-transformation-mess ... it's still in need of an ending. Let's see what happens next.

tirsdag den 16. august 2022

Words for Wednesday - Second Half

Tomorrow is Wednesday. A new batch of words will be given us by our master, Elephant's  Child Elephant's Child. Before then I would like to use up last Wednesday's Words. I still miss the second half:


am - once again -  continuing the story of  Susan and her friends. Now using the second set of words - in the order they were given of course. This is a bit short, the Words were for once easy to use
😇 I promise more to come.

Heidi and Susan got off the bus near the white farmhouse as they had been instructed. Now follow the street lights, not lit this time of day, and keep on for around two kilometres until they reached the golf club. It was a wonderful summer's day, the road was dry and small clouds of dust rose from the surface if they stomped hard enough. In the end they were quite dusty, and eventually shoes and socks were removed and they waded in the brook along the way. Small insects left the tempting, honey smelling flowers, brushed up against their bare legs below the skirts, and flew away again. Susan unthinkingly repelled the moth-like flutterers as they tickled her bare legs. Heidi looked at her in envy, but she did not say a word. Susan did not consciously use magic, and telling her what she did, would only spoil the day. Using magic out of school was the one thing where they did not agree. Heidi's mother Sandra clamped down on the rules here, forbidding Heidi and her siblings, the twins Lis and Tage even the smallest spell as long as they were not within the borders of the Unicorn Farm. Susan's parents of course did not care, and she was not averse to making her tasks easier by use of a cantrip now and then. 
When finally they reached the golf club, they sat down on the green grass next to the road, ate a single sandwich and drank some of their sodas, carefully closing the bottles  with the flip-top seals.

 ... to be continued

mandag den 15. august 2022

Poetry Monday :: Lemon Meringue Pie Day

It is Monday - Poetry Monday!
 Diane - who has taken over the hosting of  this challenge - and Mimi of Messymimi's Meanderings - who supplies us with many of the topics - are also writing wonderful, funny, thought-provoking, ingenious and honestly well written verse. Go and read them!
  Karen of Baking in a Tornado has joined us in this crazy pursuit, and promises us at least a poem a month!
  SpikesBestMate often publishes a nice verse in the comments.
  Jenny at Procrastinating Donkey who has been a faithful participant, is slowly returning to blogging after her husband's passing from this world. Let's continue to send warm thoughts, good energy, and lots of prayers her way, now that her mum's health is in need of a prayer too. But still we dare hope that she will join Poetry Monday again.

- - - - -

The theme for today is: Lemon Meringue Pie Day. I never heard of this special pie until today, and did not really know what to do or say. So instead of big versed in praise of said pie, two humble haiku must suffice. 

Lemon meringue pie?
Meringue is crunchy and sweet
lemons are tasty

Mix them together
how will it taste? I wonder
I like pies - Let's try!

 - - - - -

Next Monday: Be an Angel Day

fredag den 12. august 2022

Fredagsfrustration - Nethandel

Friday Frustration Internet Shopping.

For English see below the picture.

- - - - -

Nej, jeg er hverken blevet snydt eller udplyndret, eller har fået noget andet eller ringere end det jeg ønskede mig. Jeg er bare frustreret!
I går aftes fandt jeg nogle fine sylteglas frem,. Jeg havde købt dem meget billigt i et supermarked for et års tid siden, da syltesæsonen var slut og sat dem op til de andre glas. Da jeg hev dem frem, manglede gummiringe og lukkedimser! Det var altså derfor de var så billige! nogen havde hugget det fra pakken. Øv, Jeg tog selvfølgelig ned i mit lokale isenkræmmer og spurgte efter sådan nogle - det var nemlig hvad jeg gjorde sidst. Men nej, den slags småting sælger en velassorteret isenkræmmer ikke i vore dage. Hjemme igen ville jeg lige finde ud af, om man overhovedet kunne få sådan nogle. Det kunne man sagtens - i en netbutik. Jeg skal bruge to poser gummiringe til mine 12 glas.

I butik 1 koster en pose gummiringe 14 kr, to koster så 28 kroner, og dertil kommer porto: 49 kr. I alt at betale 77 kr. Og så tager det 1-2 hverdage, så de ville nok ankomme på tirsdag.

I butik 2 er ringene billigere, 12 kr pakken, jeg har stadig brug for to = 24 kr. Men så er der et håndteringsgebyr, når jeg nu køber for under 100 kr. på 39 kr. og fragt. 95  kr. I alt 158 kr. Og de ankommer nok også først på tirsdag.
Butik 2 tilbyder gratis afhentning ca. 5 timers togtur fra Ugleboet, nej tak, det koster nok væsentlig mere end 134 kr.

Butik 1 tilbyder fri fragt, hvis jeg melder mig ind i deres klub, hvis man groft sagt giver dem lov til at kontakte én på alle mulige måder, telefon, email og sociale medier, og til at bruge alle de informationer, de finder der til markedsføringsformål - med andre ord, sælg din sjæl for 49 kroner ... også nej tak til det tilbud.

Det værste ved historien er nok, at det er de her netbutikker, der er skyld i at den lokale isenkræmmer ikke længere fører den slags småting. Og jeg fatter stadig ikke hvorfor nethandel er vokset så meget. Den fragt er dyr jo, og så tager det tid ... og man kan ikke prøve, klemme, mærke, lugte osv.

No, I have been neither cheated nor robbed, nor have I received anything different or inferior to what I ordered. I'm just frustrated!
Last night I found some nice jars of jam. I bought them very cheap in a supermarket a year ago when the jam season was over and placed them with the other jars. When I pulled them out, they were missing rubber rings and metal seals! That was why they were so cheap! Someone had nicked those pieces from the crate. Bummer, Of course I went down to my local hardware store and asked for some - because that's what I did last time. But no, a well-stocked hardware store doesn't carry that kind of small stuff any more. Back home, I wanted to find out if you could even get some. I could - in an online shop. I need two bags of rubber rings for my 12 glasses.

In shop 1 one bag costs 14 kr, two are 28 kroner, plus postage; 49 kr. In total 77 kr. And with delivery within 1-2 business days they would probably arrive Tuesday or Wednesday.

In shop 2 the rings are cheaper, 12 kr per package, I still need two = 24 kr. But then there's a handling fee, because I buy for less than 100 kr. that's 39 kr. extra. Then postage: 95 kr no less. In total 158 kr. And they probably won't arrive until Tuesday or Wednesday either.
Shop 2 offers free pickup about 5 hours train ride from the Owlery. No thanks, as this will cost me significantly more than 134 kr (not to speak of 11 hours spent in trains and buses).

Shop 1 offers free shipping if I join their club, where you roughly allow them to contact you in all possible ways, phone, email and social media, and to use all the information they find there for marketing purposes - in other words, sell your soul for 49 kroner. No thanks to that offer as well.

The bugger is that the reason my local hardware store does not carry these any longer is probably because of the online stores. I still fail to see why online shopping has become so big.